I vividly remember the exact day I decided I was going to grow up, and be the type of woman who wears high heels. Over a decade later…I own my fair share of heels, and am happy to report I even wear them every now and again. Disclaimer – not all shoes can be rehabilitated with these tips, and some women’s feet, for whatever reason, refuse to wear heels without pain.
The shoes above were my first pair of 4 inch heels, and while I absolutely love them, they were horrific to wear. My left foot is a little smaller than my right, so in some of my heels, I have 2 cushions under the ball of my left foot. I add non-slip shoe grips to the bottoms of mine, since most heels don't have much traction. A bit of moleskin fabric can also be stuck inside the top of shoes to help snug things up or prevent rub.

Designed for sensitive heels, our clear massaging gel cushioning is ultra slim and discreet. The bottom of my foot would get sore from the pressure of such a high heel, and my feet would slide forward, so my toes were scrunched and the slingback would slip off my heel. Buy the shoe size that fits well on your larger foot, and then place a heel liner at the back of the shoe for your smaller foot. I have a few pairs of heels that are a tad too long and the heel liners I’ve used never stay in place! So for me with my Eu35s, a 4 inch heel makes my foot steeper, and my weight more on my toes that it would for a friend in size 40. On my lunch break, I watched two stylish young women cross the street from an office building, confident and sexy in their heels. From learning the hard way what size to wear, to discovering the following tools that have helped make my heels bearable (I dare say…in some cases, comfortable) to wear.

First, I tried full length foot liners, but they wouldn’t fit, hidden from view, in my heels (I do wear these with my kitten heels though).
My trick is to take a pantiliner, snip off the curved ends, and stick them into the heels to prevent rubbing. I have one foot that's slightly smaller, plus when I use two heel liners (one in the toe bed and one behind the heel) it helps bring the shoe down half a size.
I have been noticing that I'm slipping out of shoes more than usual with the reasons that you stated, leather just stretches out.
That’s when I slapped a heel liner at the back, and all of a sudden my shoes fit snugly again.

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