Slip these invisible, self-adhesive gel insoles into your shoes to make your high heels more comfortable.
Gel heel cups are made from dual density extra soft lightweight polymer gel, giving ultimate heel comfort for everyday shoe wear. Feel the difference with these premium silicone gel high heel plantar fasciitis arch supports. These biomechanical gel heel pads provide relief from many aches and foot pains by realigning the feet and ankles, and correcting poor posture.

Now you can, with high heel comfort insoles, with added arch support, pamper your feet and walk in style.
They prevent painful rubbing on the balls of your feet, added arch support aids fallen arches and the non-slip design gives a secure grip. Make your high heels feel like heaven, go shopping for hours, work all day or party all night without a twinge of foot pain.
The dual density soft gel silicone absorbs shock on heel impact and provides even pressure distribution, providing pain relief for the heel, ankle, knee and back.

Posted design minimizes pronation or supination for patients with flat feet, cavus high arch or genu valgus knee conditions.

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