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Sof Sole 'FIT' Insoles are tailored to your specific arch height and cushioning type, to complement your natural motion and help maximise performance. Orders placed before midnight are dispatched the next working day for delivery within 5 working days. For Apara, Arch Angels, Birkenstock, New Balance, Oofos, Pedag, Powerstep, Prothotics, Sof Sole, Sole, Spenco Insoles, Superfeet, UGG, and more.
The CurrexSole BIKEPRO High Arch Insoles were designed for the cyclist that's seeking increased performance, foot pain relief, and improved recovery.
The CurrexSole BIKEPRO Insoles have been scientifically proven to increase pedal force, improve knee pattern, prolong peak muscular output, and reduce an athlete's recovery time. CurEVA is an EVA Rubber Compound full length bottom plate built for shock absorption and incorporates the Auto-fit Heel Cup which i designed to mold to your heel and reduce motion. Check out all CurrexSole Insoles at- CurrexSole  or the BIKEPRO Low Arch or BIKEPRO Neutral Arch Insoles. Please note: Reviews and Product Scoring are based on how each of these insoles fit my feet. Round #1 – I started with the first one and rode with them in my shoes for 100 miles. Since a given rating for arch height is not the same between manufacturers, I like to add a double-check test. Note: The heat moldable insoles use a denser foam, the non-heat moldable use more of a gel-type foam.
Again, for those with small arch heights, this insole is one of the most comfortable and, although this insole has a well thought out multi-layer cushion design, points were subtracted for its hefty weight, high price and a ‘one-size-fits-all’ design. I chose the HIGH arch model and there was adequate support for my arches, and, when it comes to arch height, these insoles are right in the middle of all of the others.
The two things that I didn’t like was that there was no metatarsal bump so the insoles were not as comfortable as they could have been and secondly, my feet were sliding around quite a bit in the shoes. CurrexSole is unique since they are the only ones that considers 3 different aspects to determine the correct insole. For the purpose of this review, I have chosen two fully custom heat moldable insoles that are specific to cycling shoes. The person to be fitted stands on a molding pillow while the insoles are being heated in a special oven. After I was fit by one of Foot Balances representatives, I noticed that every aspect of my foot’s shape was taken into account with the insole. The Foot Balance insoles do include a small metatarsal pad as well as a fairly deep heel cup which provides a very secure feeling especially when pulling up in the pedal stroke. Two thicknesses are recommended since they both fit perfectly well in even the lowest volume cycling shoe. SUMMARY: Icebug is a Swedish footwear manufacturer specializing in shoes and boots for the outdoors. As shown in the picture, the main support for this insole comes from the pre-molded thin hard plastic base which supports the heel cup, arch support, outer foot support, forefoot support as well as a fairly large embedded metatarsal bump.
For the insole, Icebug uses a low friction nylon top cover which is coupled to a shock absorbing EVA foam base layer.
Also built into the insole is a deep heel cup which keeps the rear of the foot firmly planted. These insoles are absolutely the most comfortable without sacrificing performance and, at only 3.625oz for the pair, are the second lightest insole, Specialized BG-FIT being the lightest.
SUMMARY: Powersteps offers a full line of products that include insoles, orthotics, supports, bracing, specialty shoes, compression socks and compression sleeves. Don’t get me wrong, this is a high quality product that can be worn right out of the box that will eventually form itself to your feet. SUMMARY: SIDAS has been in the ‘foot’ business for 40 years, where, like most, started within the ski industry. The BIKE+ insoles can be used right out of the box, or, if a more custom fitting is required, can be custom molded by the Flashfit process – place them in a special oven, heat, set them into a special molding pillow, then stand in them. Specific differences are (a) the molded pair has a slightly deeper heel cup, (b) better arch support, (c) better metatarsal support. Even though this insole fit and performed very well, the detractors are (a) priced well over what most cyclists will pay for an insole, (b) the fitter needs to add a surcharge to pay for the additional $2,000 worth of equipment making an already expensive insole even more expensive. The BIKE C is a 100% customizable insole that requires heat molding in order to be worn while the BIKE+ can be used right out of the box. These insoles were not molded so not rated but, included to show SIDAS’ top purely custom insole. SUMMARY: Solestar is a German company that specializes in manufacturing insoles primarily for the cycling market. These insoles were also a little thicker and, in fact, it is recommended by Solestar to raise the saddle 2mm-5mm to accommodate the additional height of the insole. The other drawback was the EVA foam coupled with a bare minimum amount of ventilation made these insoles feel HOT. When standing upright you will be able to place an index finger under your arch with room to spare. You will observe an excessive drop or collapse of your arch, this motion is often referred to as over-pronation.
It’s a breath of fresh air to be able to use a reasonable priced, high quality, fully customizable orthotic that actually works better than advertised.

IGNITE orthotic insoles are the most recent and versatile addition to the G8 Performance insole product range.
Feet can be categorized by the height of the arches (low, medium and high), but, in reality, no two people have the same height of arch. Lee further emphasizes, “There are numerous heat moldable insoles on the market; however all of them suggest heating the insole in an oven or the like and then standing on them. Following the simple provided instructions, I first cut the IGNITE’s to length using the original insole as a template. Third ride – Another 60 miles and I wanted to test to see if the heat form fitting was losing ant of its set. The IGNITE can be heated multiple times without affecting the quality of the insole and is machine washable.
Several manufacturers also sent along their running insole equivalents which will not be evaluated or tested for this article. When I cycle with an insole without a Metatarsal Pad, my 1st Metatarsal Heads and sesamoid bones start hurting after only 20 miles. Some have HIGH arches that are considerably higher than the others, some are so low I would almost need the next taller arch height if made. After heating, the insoles are placed on a molding pillow where the person being fit stands on them. After molding, both insoles fit perfectly, but, the PERFORMANCE felt just that much more comfortable than the RACE.
They make trail shoes for walking as well as running, boots for snow and ice, as well as insoles.
The bottom of the heel cup is designed with two thicker pieces of plastic on the outer sides that not only help stabilize the insole from moving around in the shoe, but also help to reduce pressure on the plantar fascia – the fascia that runs the entire length of the bottom of the foot.
Even though these insoles are at the upper end of what polled cyclists feel that an insole should cost, these are well worth the MSRP. For the purpose of this review, we will test their Archmolds out-of-the-box heat moldable insoles.
The thought is that they will be ‘close enough’ for most cyclists and, over time, will actually mold themselves to the shape of the cyclist’s feet.
SIDAS currently makes high quality insoles, socks, sandals and a full range of special ‘protection’ pads and bandages designed to prevent the development of blisters. Just like the Foot Balance SPORTS, these insoles come as flat stock, heated in a custom oven, placed on special molding pillow modules (which are different than the BIKE+ molding pillows) then stood on by the cyclist. Additional specialized equipment is needed to custom form these insoles, at a higher cost than with the SIDAS BIKE+ and FOOT BALANCE SPORTS models. This insole is only a little better than manufacturers standard insoles that come in most cycling shoes. Even though they measure 3.7mm in the forefoot, I could tell that they took up a lot of the real estate in the shoes, so much that I had to loosen the Velcro straps so my feet would fit comfortably. Specialized was one of the first shoe manufacturers to come out with a high quality insole while others were still using a thin piece of flimsy, floppy no-support foam.
They sent me size 44 insoles and they turned out to be exactly the same size as the original insoles for the shoes. National Yang-Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan. Biomechanics study on influence of arch support sport insoles to the lower extremity muscle activity and range of motion during cycling. If you’re looking for the perfect connection with your shoe, with improved FIT and COMFORT then our high quality currexSole insoles will give you this. A high arch can often be very rigid and ineffective at absorbing shocks – increasing the risk of injury.
Low arch feet or flat feet are often ineffective shock absorbers, too mobile and thus prone to injury. I have fairly high arches and, so far, have been unable to find any over-the-counter orthotic that actually works correctly for my feet.
While seated, I then molded the IGNITE to my foot using the palm of my hand making sure to press the complete IGNITE and especially the arch area into the bottom of my foot.
I was happy to see that after miles of running and miles and hours of cycling, the IGNITE’s have maintained their shape.
Each of the insoles were actually made as cycling specific, and not, as mentioned in Part I, made by taking a runners’ insole and slapping a different label on the box. Ultimately, you want the insole to lightly contact the arch of your foot so as to provide support. On the other hand, I have no pain when using a quality insole with a high arch support and Metatarsal pad. As can be seen in the photo, the arch support extends forward and to the outside creating a unique combination of both arch support and metatarsal pad. Other sports models are available for runners, triathletes, and other outdoor activities which all differ mainly in the thickness of the dense foam padding. The other thing I noticed was that even though these insoles took several rides to get used to, they now feel and continue to feel very comfortable. Their current insole line consists of two high-quality and well thought out products; FAT and SLIM. So, unless you have very high arches like I do, the LOW, or MEDIUM should work perfectly for you.
But, for those that want a more customizable fit, they can be placed in an oven, warmed to about 175° then placed in the shoes and ridden around the block a few times.

There really wasn’t much arch support no metatarsal support nor even much forefoot cushioning. This is great for the customer since it tells you which size insole to purchase based on your shoe brand. The bottom of the heel cup does have 2 ‘wings’ which give a lot of support to the rear of the insole keeping it from moving around in the shoe.
As a crit racer, the arch material is a little too ‘spongy’ for my taste, but, what the survey showed was that 70% of the respondents favored comfort over hard performance. Together they reduce movement, improve foot position – thus reducing hotspots and pressure points under the forefoot. I have been hesitant to shell out $600+ for custom podiatry grade orthotics so G8 Performance sparked my interest when a friend told me about them. One is usually a little longer than the other, a little taller or shorter than the other and has a little higher or lower arch than the other.
I also made sure to wrap and firmly press the side of the IGNITE up the side of the arch which gave me full support. The custom formed arch supported and cradled my feet so there was no soreness to the ball of my foot (Sesamoid’s) that I get sometimes due to high arches. As compared to an insole for running, cycling specific insoles have (a) arches that are moved slightly back, (b) metatarsal bumps that are (usually) added, (c) deeper heel cups which all go towards providing better support for the cyclists’ feet – resulting in more comfort and a more efficient power transfer from the heels to the forefoot and to the pedals. So, looking for an insole with (a) the correct arch height for your feet and (b) a metatarsal pad of the correct height might be the best thing you can do for your cycling feet. Therefore, when you change to a new pair of insoles, you MUST follow that with a seatpost height adjustment – either up or down – to compensate for this new variable. Because if the insole incorporates only a foam-type cushioning pad, some of your pedaling power will get absorbed by the foam pad. The Quick Fit’s are pre-molded that can be used ‘as is’ or placed in your home oven at 175° for a more custom fit. I am sure that the resulting insole would be the perfect insole, but, adding a surcharge to an already expensive insole would allow very few to consider paying around $150 for a pair. For example, if you wear Specialized shoes, choose the insole that is identical to your shoe size. The next layer is a large carbon fiber anatomical formed piece that runs from the heel all the way to the toe area giving unparalleled rigidity – in fact, none of the other insoles were even close to being as rigid.
Even though these were the Green+++, I could easily run a couple fingers between the arch of the insole and the arch of my foot. For crit racing, I believe these will be too spongy, but, for long days in the saddle of grand tour racing, touring long hours over many days or for those who are looking for pure comfort, these are the ones for you … no and’s, if’s or but’s.
In fact, when replacing a worn out insole with a new insole, whether it be the same product, or a completely different product, I highly recommend following that up with a professional bike fit. Remember, pedaling at 90 rpm, you are pedaling at 5,400 revolutions per hour and 13,500 revolutions for a typical 2.5-hour ride.
Also included is a softer gel-infused foam forefoot as well as a true ultra-soft gel heel cup. The FAT offers maximum cushioning and shock absorption ideal for hiking, running, walking, work boots, any other high-volume shoes and they work especially well for those who are on their feet all day. My issue with them is that they do not come with a metatarsal bump and what I have come to find out – that, for my feet, is a hard requirement.
The next higher layer is the upper that the foot rests on and appears to be an EVA-type foam that is very comfortable, but, for cycling in SoCal, is also very hot. Doing several high-wattage pulls at the front, I again noticed that the shallow heel cup made the back of my foot feel like it might slip out. Several days later, a large box showed up in the mail and Specialized was very generous sending me one pair in each arch height. Podiatry grade insoles can cost $600 or more, so the IGNITE allows people access to support and comfort for their feet at a much more affordable price of $77 USD per pair. As those who have had a recent professional bike fit, even moving the seatpost 1mm higher, the difference can be felt! After the power phase of the pedal stroke, the PROPO+ material is deformed slightly, and when pressure is slightly backed-off, will help to rebound the cyclists’ foot. The SLIM is recommended for low-volume shoes such as cycling, cleated sport shoes, minimalist running shoes and all other low volume shoes. But, I believe the 3 heights offered by Specialized are perfect for 90% of the cyclists out there. Adding the correct amount of arch support along with the use of a Metatarsal pad will greatly decrease the concentrated over pressure by more evenly distributing the pressure forces along a wider surface area.
Only one major difference I could find is that there is no metatarsal bump in these where there is in the Foot Balance insoles.
So I emailed them directly and the next morning a reply came stating that “over the past couple of years, Shimano has been changing the shape of the front of their high-end shoes by putting in more of a curve as well as giving them a wider toe box.” Solestar continued “based on the shoe size and insole size chosen, there might be a slight gap between the insole and shoe. The solution is that I could make my own metatarsal bump by (a) heating the insoles then (b) taping a small piece of plastic to the bottom of the insole then (c) place back in the shoes and stand up on each shoe one at a time.

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