Knee PainThere are a variety of different types and causes of knee pain, and your treatment will vary depending on the cause.
Treating knee painIf you are suffering from knee pain and you also have flat feet (over pronate), it may be worth seeing a podiatrist to assess whether you may benefit from orthotic therapy to control your pronation. Hip and lower back painThere are many and varied causes for hip and lower back pain and as with knee pain, the hip and lower back can also be affected by poor foot biomechanics, and over pronation in particular.

When the positioning of any joint or structure in the body is put out of it’s normal alignment it can result in pain, discomfort or injury. In some cases, knee pain can be exacerbated by poor foot biomechanics, most commonly over pronation (flat feet). Whilst you will likely need to seek trained advice from a therapist to assess and treat your hip or lower back pain, it is worth being aware that your foot biomechanics may be playing a part in your condition, and treating any abnormal biomechanics may assist in your recovery.

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