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High arches and lower back pain go hand in hand because the arch of the human foot is meant to drop and lift with every step providing shock absorption for the entire skeleton. The spring arch of the foot is a wondrous thing— if weight transfers successfully from the head to the feet, the span of the foot drops and lifts providing the spring in the step which propels us forward.
Now imagine a foot with high arches—all of the bones of the foot are drawn too closely together due to excessive tension in the muscles, ligaments and fascia. I wrote in a recent post that high arches are more difficult to deal with than flat feet, which is true, but no effort to release the tight feet would be wasted. Podiatrists are professionally trained to treat many conditions relating to foot and ankle pain.

Pain caused by flat feet or high arches can often be relieved by the use of orthotic devices..
FIRST ARCH SUPPORT FOR HIGH HEELS that helps to distribute your weight evenly to prevent BACK PAIN, NECK PAIN, FOOT PAIN and varicose veins (SPIDER VEINS) due to wearing high heels!!It is not only comfortable and give you stability, it also stimulates the foot reflective points, improve blood circulation and great for health care! It helps to distribute your weight evenly and thereby prevent tummy, back pain, knee pain, metatarsalgia and most of all, varicose veins (spider veins) due to wearing high heels. When we stand correctly, using the spine as an example, all of the discs are evenly spaced front and back and side to side. Even flat feet that don’t hurt can be the cause of future problems, such as bunions, hammertoes, heel and arch pain, pain and fatigue in your feet and legs, and even pain in your lower back.

When we stand with poor posture leaning backwards like most people do, the discs at the back of the spine will have a different shape than at the front of the spine and efficacy of the structure disappears. Excessively high arches can also cause problems, including achy feet, heel and arch pain, and calluses due to poor-fitting shoes.

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