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Choosing the best shoes for standing all day might seem a little mundane, after all, all shoes were created for standing – why bother with specific makes and brands.
Well, depending on what is required of you while standing, choosing the wrong shoe you might cause you moderately sore feet in only a few hours—leaving you miserable in uncomfortable shoes.
The best shoes for standing all day starts with support; having the proper shape and fit around the feet is important. The best shoes for standing all day should also keep your feet secure; preventing them from moving around from side-to-side. Likewise, best shoes for standing all day helps to promote your comfort and endurance, especially during long periods of standing on your feet. Keeping your feet comfortable helps keep your feet in optimal condition for long periods of standing; after all, anyone with stiff or sore muscles can’t possibly perform at their best. But that’s not the only type of injury that can result from not using best shoes for standing all day. Standing for long periods of time on arches that don’t properly support your feet causes pain, aches and stress to the feet; something you don’t need while standing. Studies have shown that standing on your feet for excessive periods of time (more than four hours) can cause long-term injuries without the proper foot support. Common issues of tightened muscles and ligaments, misaligned hips, knees, shoulders and spines; cramping within the legs and feet are also frequently observed with excessive standing (without proper footwear).
It is important to understand the function of the shoe and the duration of wearing them—before you purchase the best shoes for standing all day. Before purchasing tje best shoes for standing all day, the first thing you need to consider after identifying the purpose for the shoe is the type of foot you have. The toes are often crammed, cramped, tight or sweaty throughout the day—frequently, people forget to consider the toes when trying on their shoes. For buying best shoes for standing all day, you will find extensive selection both online and in retail stores. Make sure you’re purchasing your best shoes for standing all day from reputable, quality sites that offer exchanges or refunds, especially if you’re not trying the shoes on before purchasing.

Purchasing your best shoes for standing all day in store obviously come with numerous advantages—starting with the ability to see the quality and feel the texture of the shoes. Having the best shoes for standing all day to help you counter-balance this stress is the easiest way to ensure you’re staying at your best—regardless of the long periods of staying on your feet. The sole of the shoe should cushion the feet, keeping them in a comfortable position throughout the day. Keeping your feet in line with your spine encourages healthy posture, which reduces the risk of back pain and stiffness.
Believe it or not, having sore feet has nothing to do with the length of time you’ve had your shoes on; it stems from the fit of the shoe.
Standing on your feet for extensive periods of time can cause calluses, corns or bunions to grow in areas of the feet that aren’t being thoroughly supported. Often times, people purchase shoes with hard, rigid arches – causing undue stress and hardship on the feet.
The toes should be able to breath and move throughout the day, to prevent chaffing, sweating and blistering.
While it might seem cheaper to simply purchase the best shoes for standing all day online, make sure you at least try the brand you want to buy first – or suffer through uncomfortable shoes. Make sure that you try the shoes on towards the end of the day, after you’ve been on your feet  for most of the day. Many people find that what they originally believed would be most comfortable, is tough on their feet. Over-heating of the feet is the main cause of odour and sweat—making it an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. Unfortunately, with the ever-growing trend of physical ailments and injuries, it’s important to understand the physical components you need to keep your feet happy and healthy, despite being on your feet all day. This is particularly true for those people having to stand on their feet for most of the day – your feet should be supported and secure by best shoes for standing all day. In fact, some believe that using “higher arches” will help the feet to form properly, when in fact, the opposite is true.

Alternatively, if you will primarily be stationary (not moving) throughout the day; for instance, a store clerk or cashier—find a higher cushion throughout the sole of the shoe. Those with flat feet often don’t need arch support in comparison to those who have high arches. This will mimic both your shift time and also the natural swelling your feet go through throughout the day – giving you the ability to see what the sizing is like. Allow your shoes to completely dry out before wearing them again (this process does take approximately 24 hours) to kill off any moisture or dampness. By following these key components, you’ll ensure a happy transition into your day shift, regardless of how long you’ll be standing on your feet—and that’s the most important thing.
Keeping your feet healthy and in adequate health is the easiest way to protect your body from injuries and health implications that can stem from improper shoes. You’ve only worn them for 15 minutes before you start having blistered toes, sore heels or worse – your everyday shoes can cause the same issues. These corns and bunions can become quite sore during the day, with pieces of bone or cartilage pushing on nerve endings causing pain, inflammation and swelling.
If you’re on your feet for extended periods of time, you need to be sure that the shoe feels good first – if they look good, even better. Finding a firm and supportive arch should be primary for extensive arches, to prevent aching tired feet throughout the day.
This is especially true when the warmer, more humid climate arrives—as feet naturally swell in warm weather.

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