I have been a podiatrist for 34 years now and I am excited about sharing what I have learned on this blog.
This video presents the use of 2 inch Kinesiotape to help support the arch relaxing the pull of the posterior tibial tendon. If you read my post on Tips for Bunion Care you know that I love the product Yoga Toes or one of its many knockoffs. I am very happily married to Patty, and have 2 wonderful sons Steve and Chris, a great daughter in law Clare, my new grandson Henry, and a grand dog Felix.

It is not meant to wear walking, and you have to moisten the rubber to make it easier to slip on to your toes. Initially,  you may only be able to wear it for 5 minutes, then gradually build up the time.
Please consult a podiatrist, therapist, orthopedist, or sports medicine physician in your area for specific questions. Patients with narrow feet may have trouble fitting the fifth toe (I have had to cut out the partition between the 4th and 5th toes).

One of my patients Barbara loved them so much that she brought them for all of her 6 children. It is not the only stretching to do for bunions and hammertoes, but they are definitely a big help!!

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