Sometimes arch foot pain and heel pain is inevitable, such as in an acute injury, however the repetitive wear and tear stresses placed on the heel and foot can be reduced or avoided.
Orthoses, Arch Supports and other supportive shoe inserts available from a Podiatrist can also help by correcting poor foot posture and alignment. Foot exercises to increase both flexibility and strength of the plantar foot structures and stretching the calf muscles in the lower leg (see picture below) is important in reducing tightness minimizing tension in the arch and heel area. If your foot isn’t functioning correctly then you can get arch foot pain and heel pain.
Slip these invisible, self-adhesive gel insoles into your shoes to make your high heels more comfortable. This essential guide gives you simple, easy to follow exercises with great descriptions and photos to make it extremely easy for you to help your arch foot pain. At some stage in our lives most of us will suffer from pain in the heel of the foot, whether it be a long term discomfort, or pain resulting from an acute injury.

This can cause stress on the soft tissues in the foot, such as the plantar fascia, which is attached to the heel bone, producing minor strains or tears. The arch of the foot is an extremely important structure, and as it is flattened out with pressure the soft tissues attached to the heel can be strained. All shoes should have an arch support, should be controlling, reducing unwanted excess foot movement, and should be cushioning, reducing the impact on the heel.
Again, as with appropriate footwear, orthoses reduce impact stress of the tissues which surround the heel.
Now you can, with high heel comfort insoles, with added arch support, pamper your feet and walk in style.
They prevent painful rubbing on the balls of your feet, added arch support aids fallen arches and the non-slip design gives a secure grip. By maintaining the arch, less stress is applied to the soft tissues and injury can be prevented.

A podiatrist can correct poor foot posture and help the foot function in a more efficient manner by using corrective arch supports, foot exercises and soft tissue treatment techniques. Make your high heels feel like heaven, go shopping for hours, work all day or party all night without a twinge of foot pain.
Continual pressure on the heel can lead to wear and tear of the fatty pad, reducing the cushion effect and causing pain. With repetitive stress and strain you can even get stress fractures of the heel bone, which can be extremely painful. So with all these important structures under so much stress it is little wonder that arch foot pain and heel pain is a common occurrence.

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