The Trek Mates Super Shock Heel Pads are constructed from revolutionary polymer gel that flows like liquid to trap shock waves at its source. Western Australia, rural and some residential areas may require an additional two business days for delivery. For bulky or oversized products, our shipping charges reflect the true size of the item you are ordering, based on the physical weight and volumetric size of the product. For details of Customs charges please consult your own Customs authorities for the latest rates.

Men's Pronation Supination Fallen Arch Flat Feet Shoe Inserts Heel Pads Insoles added to cart. These biomechanical gel heel pads provide relief from many aches and foot pains by realigning the feet and ankles, and correcting poor posture. Shop with confidence using your existing PayPal account, or create a new account in the checkout. In all cases you will receive an email notifying you that your order have been dispatched for delivery.

Please refer to the shipping cost guide below for an estimate, otherwise all shipping costs will be made clear in the shopping cart.

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