The RD-1 Tracker™ is the only reusable, traceable molded earplug offered at competitive prices. Cold weather products to protect your head and neck in extreme environments featuring HOTTEC warmers that you can slip into any of the Thermo Heat winter liners, work gloves and safety shoes for added warmth. The spectacle lens protects the Rx insert lens reducing Rx costs and ensuring proper vision.
Its low profile removable insert, intended to prevent foreign particles from entering the eyes, features a foam material with a skin providing a complete seal.

This rugged, durable chippers and grinders goggle has one piece molded plastic cups that are flame resistant. Featuring wide vision wrap-around styling, a contoured protective brow-guard, and molded-in comfort nose bridge. The frame features closed-cell memory foam technology that is sculpted around the interior for protection and comfort, while utilizing a perforated molding to provide a regulated air entry during rigorous activity. Designed with an inserter and long stem for more hygienic insertion and secure fit, the RD-1 is an excellent alternative to disposable or other reusable plugs.

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