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As we found on the Lake CX331 road shoes, custom molding of the shoe can provide major benefits in extended ride comfort. See what a set of custom insoles will set you back as well as check out the new Limited Edition 402 Matte Black road shoe next. Like their custom fit road shoes, the insoles can be custom molded at home with the use of your oven. Agreed, the Lake shoes are more comfortable, and with the heat moldable insoles they can only get better, but if your a gram geek the S-Works win all day long.

They even have a heated pair that I might have to try next winter!  Thanks for checking out the blog and feel free to ask questions, give comments, and share the review!
Using a slightly lower temperature, insoles are placed in the oven at 150°f for 3 minutes, then placed in the shoe to conform to your feet. The toughest part of designing the insoles was to create something that was nearly the same thickness of a standard insole.
Offered in both fiberglass and carbon fiber, the insoles offer custom fit arch and heel cup support that are compatible with just about any road shoe.

The custom fit insoles will be offered in fiberglass for $50 a pair, and a lighter carbon version at $80, and will be shipping next month.
Lake says a perfect use of the insoles in in a shoe like their CX237 which isn’t heat moldable.

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