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Orthoses, or orthotic devices, are shoe inserts custom-fabricated from a mold of the foot that are intended to adjust an abnormal, or irregular walking pattern. While improper footwear is a common cause, hammer toe is also related to genetics and physical health conditions. Wearing cramped and uncomfortable shoes can have a dramatic impact on the health of the feet. Heel lifts shoe inserts mould to the shape of the foot, and are extremely soft and comfortable to wear. A hammer toe is a type of physical deformity in the foot that may cause pain, general discomfort and embarrassment.

When the shoes are too narrow, too tight or too high, they may cause the toes to curl up throughout the day. In some cases, the condition will develop even if the shoes are an appropriate size and do not cause the toes to curl.
Over time, the constant curling and crowding of the toes will result in a deformity that is potentially painful. In the early stages of the deformity, it may be possible to wear more comfortable shoes and orthotic shoe inserts. When hammertoe develops, it is possible to treat the condition with the help of medical professionals at our offices.

The proximal interphalangeal joint becomes deformed and it causes the toe to bend, resulting in an appearance that is similar to the shape of a hammer.
If hammertoe or mallet toe deformities are not flexible, then surgery may be the appropriate solution.

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