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Good running shoes should be able to provide much-needed support or much-needed cushioning where the foot needs it.
Good running shoes for runners who experience either one of these two conditions are those that can correct the problem, not tolerate it. Severe supinators need shoes with maximum cushioning so that impact can be properly distributed throughout the foot. One good running shoes with excellent cushioning is the Asics Gel Cumulus 12, which improved upon the 11th edition by adding an even softer road feel and adding more stability features to help you run steadily even with all the soft cushioning.
On the other side of the scale are severe pronators who need shoes with maximum control so that the excessive inwards collapsing of the foot will be prevented.
One shoe that got the formula right is the Asics Gel Foundation, which is now on its 4th generation release.
So remember, good running shoes should provide corrective technologies to help you run your best and to free you from the bondage of pronation and supination.

Best running shoe insoles like these Superfeet Unisex Green Performance Insoles help to increase shock absorption on the ankles and knees, but also increases foot support and balance. Aside from the Gel cushioning, the 12th Cumulus also features an additional gender-specific forefoot cushioning plus a full-length Solyte 45 platform cushion material.
This shoe is a favorite among overpronators because it controls pronation without sacrificing the need for cushioning. These best running shoe insoles like the Superfeet unisex green performance insoles have a contoured design with rear and mid-foot control points to center the heel area and balance overall body weight. Aside from the normal runners, there are runners who are fated to live with running problems because they are born with either flat feet or high-arched feet. But Asics also makes sure this shoe protects the foot properly so it adds along the durable and responsive Gel cushioning system and SpEVA midsole. But it also supports this with a crash pad and Nike Zoom cushioning units in the heel and forefoot so the feet are still protected from impact.

In extreme forms, pronation and supination increases the risks of running injuries and foot as well as bodily fatigue during runs. It uses a durable foam on top with a holo-fiber cover for increased shoes comfort and feet endurance. Other helpful Nike technologies include a Fitsole sockliner that follows the anatomical shape and mold of your foot to provide an almost tailor-fit feel plus flex grooves for a more efficient gait.

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