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Good Feet retail franchises are well established and highly successful in America, and rapidly spreading throughout the world. At Good Feet we are a retail arch support store that transforms peoples lives with our very simple products. We have a very successful, proven system that can ensure franchisee success, along with the ideal placement of the Good Feet brand in your local marketplace.

Hear first hand from the franchisees why they love their Good Feet business and what they feel the benefits are. He had his public relations person call the station to say Pereira wanted to help Ideal Feet customers. We got in touch with Pereira, who stressed he is not affiliated in any way with Ideal Feet.Pereira is offering to honor the lifetime guarantee of all customers of Ideal Feet in San Antonio.

The store was out of business.After first airing our story in January, we heard from several other people who had also purchased from Ideal Feet and could not get in touch with anyone.

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