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The pharmaceutical composition and the dispensing unit according to the invention are intended to be contacted with a small amount of water before administration and the water induces the swelling of the gellan gum, which makes the composition easy to ingest and at the same time provides an acceptable mouth-feel. However, in a particularly preferred aspect of the invention, the vehicle or composition according to the present invention comprises a gellan gum arranged in a configuration allowing optimal water diffusion in order for the formuation to gel and swell within a short time and obtaining a texture like a soft pudding or mousse and which is easy to disperse.
The dosage form is presented in particulate form and before oral ingestion the particulate material is subjected to an aqueous medium, whereby it is converted to a semi-solid form by swelling or gelling of one or more of the components, especially of a gellan gum, of the particulate matter.

A dispensing unit according to claim 11, wherein the one or more active substances and the swellable vehicle are glued to a surface of the dispensing unit with a glue that comprises one or more components in liquid form or in solution selected from the group consisting of sugar alcohols, sugars, polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP), and gums. 2005 discloses a gellan gum based oral controlled release dosage form for gastric retention.
Yet another solution is to dispense the multi-particles in lozenges, chewable tablets and chewing gum.

Encapsulated sweeteners have also been used to provide an extended release of sweetening in, for example, chewing gum, see for example European patent application EPO 87-810747 to Schobel et al.

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