Get fast pain relief for your big toe bunion with the DenadaDance Bunion Pain Relief Set consisting of two gel bunions pads, and two gel toe separators. Besides protecting your bunions from rubbing against your shoe, these gel pads serve double duty by acting as toe spreaders to help with big toe alignment. These gel bunion pads by DenadaDance are soft, comfortable, and can be worn in many types of shoes, from sneakers to hiking boots to dress pumps. Many reviewers report being able to walk long distances and stand for hours at their jobs while wearing these gel pads in their shoes.

Another very popular bunion product is the PediFix Visco-GEL Bunion Guard shown in this photo, which is also made from a soft gel, with the addition of soothing mineral oil. If the gel becomes sticky after washing, just sprinkle a little talcom powder on the gel, and it will be like new.
Given the low cost of a package of these Pedifix gel guards, you can keep several packages on hand. Your day may start off with your feet feeling just fine, but after a few hours of standing or walking, it might be a different story.

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