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Gel insoles for sore feet,natural treatment for foot blisters,high heel inserts no pain - Easy Way

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Softshock Low Profile Anti-Microbial Fabric Insoles are made of a 4.5mm thick Medical Grade Silicone, with an additional Anti- Microbial fabric cover to increase comfort.
If you have ordered an item incorrectly, then the item can only be exchanged for an identical product but in a different size and is of the same value, where a larger size incurs an additional charge this will be liable for payment before an exchange can be approved. Wherever possible we will try to accommodate all customer requests for an exchange, where we are not able to offer an exchange (e.g.

We will not refund your costs in returning the item to us and other services provided to you in connection with your purchase unless you return the item to us because of an error on our part, because it is defective, or because it was eligible for Free Returns. Universally recognised and accepted by the medical community, silicone is considered to be the traditional high quality material for skin contact due to its proven performance and familiarity.

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