Pressure ulcers are a common and critical medical problem and hospital patients are often particularly vulnerable because of restricted mobility.
We also have a Operating Room Nurse Advice Line, open for you to ask us questions and give you recommendations based on AORN guidelines.
Action Products, Inc., over the past 40 years has provided education on the importance of preventing pressure ulcers. Today, pressure ulcer prevention is a top hospital initiative, due to the Medicare laws and rising cost. Action Products offers numerous documents for download for your convenience, including catalogs, spec sheets, clinical studies, MSDS, specialty sheets, care and use guidelines, and Medicare references. Action's Adaptive Pads have multifunctional applications for traditional and non-traditional seating challenges. The Vita-Deluxe Heel Boot is designed for patients at high risk of developing heel pressure ulcers, patients that need treatment for heel pressure ulcers and patients that require passive foot drop assistance.

The Vita-Heel Boost is designed is designed for patients at high risk of developing heel pressure ulcers, and patients that need treatment for heel pressure ulcers.
Item #4401 provides a wider range of protection for the calf and the lower leg as well as the ankle. With 2.5mm gel, the protector is unobtrusive and aids in alleviating foot pain and callus formation.
A soothing gel protector that constantly massages the fleshy parts of the foot and the joint, giving relief and comfort on the medial border of the big toe, reducing irritation to the skin and base joint bursa.One size fits all. An elasticised fabric bunion protector covered on the inside with approximately 2mm thickness of gel. A soft, therapeutic 3mm thick gel pad moulded in a toeless sock, the sleeve cushions and protects the Achilles tendon by absorbing pressure and friction.The sleeve also alleviates pain related Achilles tendonitis, bursitis, among other Achilles injuries. A toeless sock with 2mm gel polymer cushion pads moulded at both sides of the tibia, fibula and Achilles, protecting them from abrasion and friction.

Medline offers a variety of innovative products against pressure ulcer for your health care facility. McElroy, during his pursuit to develop a pressure relieving material that would help prevent pressure sores in immobilized patients has spurred a worldwide revolution in the pressure management industry. Suitable for relieving the burning sensation under the metatarsals caused by standing or walking for long periods or wearing inappropriate footware. By creating Akton® viscoelastic polymer with the sole purpose of preventing and managing pressure ulcers, it is a global leader in the industry.
When used as a cushion the Adaptive Pad is intended for comfort only, not medical intervention.

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