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I have compiled a list of the top plantar fasciitis shoes that have been proven to relief the nagging heel pain.
The shoes in my list are designed by podiatrists or foot experts with regard to heel pain and plantar fasciitis. The key to getting rid of your heel pain for good is to do the best you can to allow your bone to heal. Personally I really like to wear ballerina flats (since anything with a high heel is out of question).
Heel Cups work like a pillow under your heel and are usually the best inserts for plantar fasciitis. Heel wedges are designed to lift the heel which can help in reducing leg length discrepancies as well as problems with the Achillies tendonitis and heel spurs by reducing the pressure on the heel region. Make sure your shoes can be easily bend in the middle (midsole flexibility is important), and that they have a solid heel cup to keep your heel in place.

View DetailsIndications for use: Heel pain, Plantar fasciitis, Heel spur, Knee and back pain, Ankle pain. TuliGel is a specially formulated Polymer that is lighter, softer and more resilient than the material used in other heel cups.
This walking shoe made of leather has hundreds of hundreds positive reviews (over 500 reviews only on Amazon!) from people who have problems with heel pain and finally got the relief they were searching for. Heel pain is reduced by reducing the pressure directly on the affected area as well as by increased cushioning and shock absorption. This can help to reduce plantar fasciitis, however, most people provide heel cups for plantar fasciitis shoe inserts as they provide additional cushioning and support. Most feature indoor or outdoor usage with solid rubber soles, and incredible comfort for hours on end with the heel cups to keep your feet and legs in the proper alignment to minimize any discomfort from plantar fasciitis. Wearing a well-cushioned pair of plantar fasciitis sneakers can prevent heel pain, no matter if you are at work, on shopping tour or just taking a walk through the park.

The deep heel cup will make sure you feel comfortable during the day and a selection of top class materials will help to prevent foot odor.
Most heel cups provide a slight lift to the heel and can be placed in any kind of closed shoe. Heel Cups made of Gel are the best option as they are made of a softer material, thus providing extra cushioning.

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