Now while this may sound dire, not all HPV strains show symptoms, and while there are actually more than 100 subtypes of HPV only about 30 of them specifically affect the genitals and show up through genital warts. When one has contracted genital warts they usually notice small pink, white, and sometimes grey lumps, or even larger cauliflower-shaped lumps on or around their genital area. And while it can vary case by case, usually these warts appear on or around the penis, scrotum, anus, or even thighs on men.
You may expect to see clusters of warts, but sometimes they can appear singly, making them hard to spot and confusing some sufferers as they are expecting a big outbreak. Luckily, genital warts are usually painless, but they can get a little itchy in certain cases.
It should also be mentioned that occasionally some people can confuse other skin problems with genital warts.
Fortunately, not all skin lumps and bumps are as severe as genital warts, or even require genital warts treatments, and some may not even be contagious. If you have read through our list, and still think you may have genital warts then it is probably best you go see a doctor or book an appointment at a sexual health clinic so you can find out for sure if you have contracted genital warts.
However, if you would rather try and deal with your symptoms discreetly then you may want to consider doing some research on Wartamine, one of the most popular at-home genital warts treatments. Whichever way you decide to deal with your situation, just make sure you take action so you can start adjusting your lifestyle to living and dealing with genital warts. Unlikely that you picked up an STD from your GF’s arm wart as they would be totally different strains.

Hi I have genital warts in my vagina, I don’t remember how long I got it, but I became sexually active for more than 2 years now. I am worried if I might have warts, and I am not sure what is the caused of it either there was the day I cleaned it with olay body wash soap which was a 1st, because I wanted to keep it clean, or my bf wanted to have oral sex on me but he never had oral sex before it is a new experience for him. Alternatively, you could check out the home STD tests…we have a banner for one we really like on our sidebar.
There is the possibility you may not contract genital warts, but you should certainly get yourself tested for HPV. Hi, my husband had genital warts and he read an article that it might affect his semen, please advise. I can’t tell what then deal is based off your description, so I recommend you see your doctor and ask them to take a look at it immediately. As for women, well, they usually notice lumps around their vulva, inside their vagina, or even on their cervix which may cause some bleeding or, very rarely, an off-coloured vaginal discharge.
However, in severe cases it is possible for genital warts to spread to your anus area, even if you have never had anal sex. This can scare a lot of people because they mistake perfectly normal, and non-infectious, skin lumps and bumps for genital warts symptoms. The only I thing I can recommend is that you try using some Wartamine on the problem area and see what happens. Remember there are over 40 different types of HPV and only 90% of people who are affected actually see symptoms of genital warts.

It’s almost impossible for me to tell based off that description so you need to immediately see your doctor to have it clarified. I went to my local GUM clinic, the doctor looked at it and said he wasn’t sure if it was a skin tag or a wart but froze it off anyway.
Most GP’s can tell immediately when they genital warts, however it is also a good idea to have some tests done to ensure it is not the case. I went online and alot of pictures of genital warts popped up and it sorta and sorta didnt look like it. Iv had 2 warts only penile daft as I was a younger boy (not being sexually active) at the age of 15. But I also think they could be like an ingrown or something wrong with my follicules, maybe could also be a wart. However, my vagina still felt funny and a little itchy, I felt it and I felt odd bumps around the opening to my vagina, I started googling what it could possibly be, and genital warts keeps popping up.
I want to remove this warts as soon as possible, but worried because of the pain that it might not be good for me..

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