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Condylomata acuminata (genital warts) is,of course, a sexually transmitted disease caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV).
There are three basic ways of getting rid of genital warts (or any warts, for that matter).
The second approach is to apply an irritating chemical to the wart which works mainly by stimulating the patient’s immune system to recognize the diseased tissue and to destroy it. Freezing the warts has several advantages over the chemicals, especially in correctional settings.
So cryotherapy, in my opinion, is the best overall technique for getting rid of genital warts in correctional facilities. At my prison facility where we do wart removal, we initially used the expensive commercial freezing canisters like Verrucafreeze, but about three years ago switched to using air-duster cans held upside down. Especial thanks to Neelie Berlin, PA Extraordinaire, who helped me extensively with this post! This entry was posted in Dermatology, Medical Practice and tagged correctional medicine, Genital wart, jail medicine, jails, prisons on June 18, 2012 by Jeffery Keller MD.
I used air duster in Afghanistan when my troops came back from leave with warts and wanted treated before going home. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. I tested my copper wire idea: the tissue paper acts like an insulator with air layers between multiple layers preventing the transfer of heat. I think this can be applied directly to a wart once it is cooled down with excellent control since no further spraying needs to go on during the application--just press the wire onto the skin target.
The best method tried so far seems to be to cover the end of the straw with several layers of tissue to keep the outflow under control and applying the liquid directly to the skin. Note that the skin turns white with frost immediately, and dimples inward (shrinkage) until the skin warms again. I also tried the concept of a reservoir filled with propellent with metal conducting the heat away, but it never got below -16 F.
This is why I only use -anes like butane and propane for this, without any chloro- or fluoro- in them. Palm side of my thumb initially had a slightly numb zone, but after the (no liquid) blister peeled off 26 days later, full sensation returned as well. Treated areas have tanned along with untreated skin, and become invisible over time, commencing with the healing of the scab when there has been one following a wet blister. Aloe (pronounced a-lo-ey) direct from the cactus plant of the same name applied at least once (but perhaps better applied twice) daily has been shown to kill a wart with persistent and consistent treatment.
A wart goes about as deep as it is high, and they bleed excessively due to the blood flow they create for themselves.

I presume that this will work to remove warts due to cellular disruption while not damaging deeper or surrounding skin tissue thanks to the fact that its intense cold can overwhelm the body's efforts to warm the zone, and quickly enough to prevent the cold from spreading into surrounding areas. First, if the wart's a big one, I trim it down to level with the surrounding normal skin (or until just before it bleeds) to get close to the root.
I have heaps of sun damage, mainly solar ketosis's, but sometimes they go hard so I get them frozen off. I considered this when I had a wart of my palm, but the fluid seemed to spread too much before evaporating -it looked like it would freeze a wide area instead of just the wart.
Enter the email associated with your account and we will send you your username and a temporary password. Regarding legal concerns: I just took the blue insulation Koozie thingy that came with the expensive Verruca Freeze kit and wrapped it around the air-duster can.
Dodge the hassle of a doctor's visit, the expense of over the counter remedies and freeze them off yourself! I tried it without the paper and just sprayed the copper wire directly with the propellent and it cooled down well to at least -61 F. Repeated puncturing of the wart with a fine needle may destroy the vascular structure of the wart and hence kill it. Liquid nitrogen is so intensely cold it instantly freezes the skin cells it contacts; dry ice is still cold enough to do this, and presumably so is the propellent in the dusters. Much better for  our clinics are cans of freezing solution, like Histofreeze or Verrucafreeze mentioned by Aldo. I expect it will blister as well, if it continues to follow the pattern, followed by a scab which reveals new pink skin when it falls off. From someone with experience, and coming from a few other debates, warts DO have roots, contrary to what anyone will tell you. But I am not sure it would get as cold as with the direct propellant on the skin did, which may be better for deeper things like warts. Saturate the paper with the propellent and apply the tip to the target (wart or lentigo) for one minute after cleaning all with alcohol before starting. Some warts are resolved in a year, others stagnate, and others expand grossly out of control (thriving).
But certainly, there is nothing wrong with asking the opinion of your facility’s legal counsel!

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