NFL tour is a new game that the BIG division of EA Sports developed similar to the NBA street and NFL Street games that was released.
This is a surprising game in the American football games genre because it was released in 2008 which is not so long ago and you would expect a better game. While we know EA sports have the exclusive deal with the NFL Gameloft developers has managed to sign deals with the players association that would give them the right to use some of the players names in the game.
The center referee will lead the game and will take care to respect the rules, to not commit mistakes, will signal the beginning and end game and all play stops.

EA sports started this game way back in 1988 and it was no match for the other games at that time it was only in the 1993 game that EA sports have bought the rights from the NFL to use the real teams names and logos and then the game toke off and left everyone behind.this series of games is the second best in point of sales only after the FIFA series from EA Sports as well. EA sports was shocked by the sales of this game so they made the NFL an offer they cant refuse and bought an exclusive license to be the only company that can use NFL logos and team names in a video game. while many thought this was illegal the NFL signed the deal and that put the last nail in the NFL 2K coffin.
The ball game is spherical shape, with a sheath of leather or other material, that does not constitutes a danger to the player. The equipment of the teams must be different colored for each player and it consists of: football boots, leggings, shields, pants and shirt.

American football games take a big share of the video games market and we are about to break down the best American football games in the world! NFL reports that since the Fantasy football game gain popularity in the 2000′s when the Internet exploded to the world it is now a major part of the real league and you can see actual players advertising them self in order to be picked by users.

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