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Some conditions of the foot, such as tendinitis, can cause extreme pain upon movement and significant swelling. A foot bunion is a painful condition that causes the large bone on the side of the foot to protrude out. When foot pain and swelling are due to a stress fracture, the foot may need to be casted before it can heal. Although anti-inflammatory drugs can greatly improve symptoms of foot pain and swelling, they are not tolerated by everyone.
Typically, medications that relieve inflammation and reduce pain are the treatment of choice. Although pain relievers are usually effective in relieving symptoms, the physician needs to be notified when pain is severe.
This condition can cause significant pain and pressure when wearing shoes that are too tight.

Sometimes swelling of the foot and ankle can be the result of poor circulation, heart disease, or kidney disease.
Medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen can cause gastrointestinal symptoms such as stomach pain, abdominal cramping, and heartburn in certain people. It doesn't seem to matter if she moisturizes regularly or not and I guess it's just something that happens as you get older. Anti-inflammatory medications and ice application can significantly reduce pain and swelling, but sometimes surgery is required. Sports creams and analgesic rubs can help the symptoms, however, their effects are usually only temporary, and they should not be used indefinitely. The physician can order blood tests to determine kidney function, and he might recommend an ultrasound test to determine if the blood flow going to the foot is being impeded.
For those who are intolerant of these medications, acetaminophen pain relievers can be a viable substitute.

Sometimes, injections of corticosteroids can relief pain and swelling, however, they can cause side effects such as local irritation or damage to surrounding tissues. In addition, wrapping the foot in a pressure bandage after application of the ointment can sometimes provide additional relief and support to the painful foot. Drink plenty of water and do exercises, or even wear pressure bandages if you're in that kind of situation.
When using ice, the ice should either be placed in an ice bag, or wrapped in a soft cloth to prevent direct contact with skin.

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