Muscle recovery and massage company, Moji has launched a new patent-pending pain-relief foot massager, the Moji Foot. Following extensive in-store research, along with feedback from retailers and consumers, Moji designed an updated and stylish low-profile foot massager combining two distinct massage intensity options from the original Moji 360 Foot Massager into one lightweight portable unit. With an innovative configuration featuring six DuPont Delrin spheres, the Moji Foot incorporates an elevated centre sphere allowing for a more intense, deep tissue massage, hitting the arch of the foot to pinpoint sore spots and alleviate Plantar Fasciitis pain.

The Moji Foot’s five surrounding 1’’ spheres provide an all over, feel good massage allowing users to work the entire foot fascia, heel and sides all the way up to the toes to relieve pain and soreness.
With a slip-resistant base built into the device, the Moji Foot remains stable on any surface so users can control and target their massage.
Add to that a 42-inch LCD TV that can slide out for optimal viewing when the slideroom is not extended, Corian counter and backsplash, MCD roller shades, and a stylish new interior, and the Sightseer has all the style and function found in larger, more expensive coaches.

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