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Supination, sometimes called underpronation, places extra stress on the foot, especially on the outside. Oversupination, or an extra outward movement of the foot when you walk or run, can cause an increase in the rotational force on your shins, knees, and hips. If you are having chronic muscle pain that you suspect is related to supination, visit your doctor or podiatrist to have a foot-strike and running gait analysis. Because some degree of supination is a natural part of regular gait, the best prevention is good footwear. The posterior tibial tendon serves as one of the major supporting structures of the foot, helping it to function while walking. The symptoms of PTTD may include pain, swelling, a flattening of the arch, and an inward rolling of the ankle. For example, when PTTD initially develops, there is pain on the inside of the foot and ankle (along the course of the tendon). Later, as the arch begins to flatten, there may still be pain on the inside of the foot and ankle.

As PTTD becomes more advanced, the arch flattens even more and the pain often shifts to the outside of the foot, below the ankle. In contrast, untreated PTTD could leave you with an extremely flat foot, painful arthritis in the foot and ankle, and increasing limitations on walking, running, or other activities.
This technique is used for well reducible flat foot by limiting motion at one or two joints that are usually arthritic. In a normal gait, supination is the outward movement of your foot, while pronation is the inward movement.
One indicator that you oversupinate is that the outer edge of your shoe will wear out more quickly so when you place your shoes on a flat surface they lean outward. Insoles that help support high arches and stabilize the movement of the foot can help balance your gait and take the pressure off your muscles and joints. These tests can help to better understand the problem and these professionals can recommend the proper footwear and insole options for you.
To prevent injuries related to oversupination, choose shoes that allow foot flexibility but also support the arches.

FootSmart has the water-friendly shoes and sandals you need, expertly selected with your comfort and style in mind.
FootSmart has 100s of styles in hard-to-find sizes and widths, from navy Mary Janes to bright blue sandals, to go with every Spring and Summer outfit. This procedure will address midtarsal instability, restore the medial longitudinal arch and reduce mild hind foot valgus. Your foot may need surgery but you might simply not have the time or endurance to go through the rehab phase of this type of surgery. Heel cups and arch braces can help to correct the movement of your foot and prevent too much outward movement.
For everyday shoes, make sure there is plenty of room to accommodate your natural gait and consider a discrete arch brace to help support your foot.

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