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Although Foot Focus specialises in lower limb biomechanics and the sporting enthusiast, we also provide the most advanced services to the general community. Foot Focus provides specific occupational podiatry services to organisations and industrial manufacturing companies. Steve was the second therapist I had seen for a shoulder problem and I was sure that pain and limited range of motion would be present forever. Whether or not you spend a great deal of time on your feet, it is important that your arches are properly supported, that the shoe is wide enough and that the heels are not too high. High-heeled pointy toed shoes cause more aches and pains than just the ones experienced in the feet.  The knees, hips and back can suffer as well.
On the other hand, well-fitting, well-designed shoes can resolve those problems, help to tone your legs and improve your posture.

Below, you will see a list of conditions that will cause foot & heel pain, a brief description, other symptoms that are associated with the condition, if applicable, and the causes. Pain-relieving drugs are often taken, but they are accompanied by unwanted side effects, of both a short and long-term nature, including liver damage.
The treatments listed here provide support, pain-relief and promote healing, without unwanted side effects.
It encompasses thorough lower limb hazard identification, footwear advice, technical footwear design and in-house employee podiatry assessments. Typically overuse or excessive stress on the heel or foot can lead to inflammation of the plantar fascia.
We believe that prevention is a far better approach to managing ones podiatric needs than waiting for a problem to arise.

The most common cause of heel pain for which people see their doctors for is plantar fasciitis, including up to 10% of our current U.S.
Diabetic patients undergo an initial screening including doppler (blood flow) study and receive a foot self care program. The clinics also have 3D optical foot scanning, virtual foot profiling and platform based pressure technology.

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