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Perhaps, you are simply interested in learning more about a DIY foot deodorant powder recipe.
It will take you second to whip up this DIY foot deodorant powder…literally, seconds!
This is a very light and pure clay and is simply an excellent choice for any body powders, masks, cosmetics, etc. Your DIY foot deodorant powder recipe had already enlightened many of our Pinterest followers.
The best thing about using a neem oil and tea tree foot scrub is your feet will be fungus free. This natural neem oil & tea tree foot scrub recipe helps keep feet looking and feeling great year round!
Use this foot scrub daily in the bath or shower by massaging onto wet feet then rinsing and patting dry.

If you’re selling this neem oil and tea tree foot scrub, be sure to label your product to FDA guidelines. For even more of my natural skin care recipes be sure to visit Rebecca’s Soap Delicatessen. Discover all of all my new beauty and skin care recipes by following Soap Deli News blog via Blog Lovin’ or Tumblr. Repel mosquitoes and other bugs with my DIY recipe using this essential oil AND use it in this foot deodorant, as it has been shown to be helpful for combatting yeasts (like athlete’s foot).
Once the ingredients for this neem oil and tea tree foot scrub recipe are thoroughly combined, spoon into an 16 oz.
Then follow with my natural foot repair salve recipe with neem oil. You’ll love how soft your skin feels afterwards!
You can also follow me on Pinterest for collections of my favorite bath and beauty recipes from around the web.

Washing your feet will get them clean, but you may want to apply a neem oil and tea tree foot scrub to detox the skin. In addition, naturally anti-fungal neem oil and tea tea tree oil work together in this neem oil & tea tree foot scrub recipe to help keep feet fungus free or to aid in clearing up any existing conditions like toe nail fungus or athlete’s foot!
Plus, because this neem oil and tea tree foot scrub recipe is made using fine ground pumice, you can also use it as natural body scrub to exfoliate and soften other rough or dry skin areas.

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