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Foot Cramps or Toe Cramps- It is an extremely painful and annoying condition of the foot in which there is a sudden involuntary contraction of the muscles of the foot resulting in severe pain which may last for seconds, minutes or even may go up to a few hours. Foot Cramps or Toe Cramps as stated is a sudden involuntary contraction of the muscles of the foot resulting in excruciating pain with inability to move the foot. Footwear: Wearing tight shoes or boots, especially with high heels may result in a Foot Cramps or Toe Cramps.
Exercises: Long distance runners and individuals who have a habit of walking long distances are also at risk for having Foot Cramps or Toe Cramps. Medications: Certain asthma, hypertension, or cholesterol medications tend to cause Foot Cramps or Toe Cramps. Foot Cramps or Toe Cramps are usually characterized by intense sharp pain in the foot with a sensation of a knot in the muscle.
Application of Heat: Applying heat to the affected area is also a way to get rid of Foot Cramps or Toe Cramps. Proper Footwear: It is imperative to select footwear that are appropriately fitting and are not cramping up the foot. Toe Stretchers: It has been noted that wearing Toe Stretchers for a few hours also decreases the frequency of Foot Cramps or Toe Cramps.
Being at the extreme end of the body and owing to the fact that the body fails to maintain a good blood flow to the feet and the toes, toes are far more susceptible to cramps than the rest of the body parts. Reduced flow of blood to the toes leads to painful toe cramps and can affect anyone, regardless of their age.
Dehydration is one of the most potential causes of toe cramps, since depletion of adequate fluids from your body can tighten and shorten your muscles. An imbalance in these electrolytes occurs due to the lack of sufficient water in the body, leading to toe cramps.
Shoes that are too tight can restrict blood circulation to the toes and cause muscle cramps that last for a long time. Frequent toe cramps can also be an indication of mineral deficiencies in the body, caused by an imbalance of electrolytes that are required for the proper functioning of muscles. It is important to stretch your toes regularly during the day while using a computer, watching TV, during a shower, etc.
Massaging can dramatically increase blood flow to the areas around the toes and aid in preventing toe cramps to a great extent. Simple toe exercises in conjunction with a massage using essential oils like olive oil, castor oil, flaxseed oil, etc., can bring great relief from toe cramps.
The above mentioned tips can be of great help to the older age group and people who suffer from diabetic neuropathy, since they suffer from nerve damage that often leads to muscle spasms and toe cramps. For years I have been getting these awful foot spasms that are completely disabling, and I have no idea what to do about them. I get random stabbing pains in the soles of my feet too, and regardless of what I'm doing when it happens, I just drop to the floor and curl up in a ball grabbing my feet.
A toe cramp is a sudden pain or spasm that may occur in all or just a few of the toes at once. Toe cramps are thought to be mainly caused either by moving the toes too much or by overly constricting them. Diabetics or others with nerve damage in the feet are also susceptible to toe cramp problems. I read once, that placing a bar of soap between the sheets near your feet will help prevent foot and toe cramps during the night.
I have been getting these toe cramps often to get rid of it first I bend the toes back stand on floor cold if possible (tiled) or spray my foot with cold relief spray or deep heat. When your toes are cramping bend the backward until you feel the foot relax and then wiggle your toes to release. Though not a life-threatening condition, a toe cramp can cause severe discomfort, till it subsides. As mentioned above, toe cramps are commonly found in those who regularly wear ill fitted footwear or high heels.

For those athletes and dancers who suffer from toe cramps on a regular basis, try stretching exercises. The affected part of the foot is usually the arch of the foot and the big toes during the episode of such cramps.
This is generally found in women's shoes which often converge at the tip thus squeezing out the toes. Even spending a lot of time on the treadmill can also be a reason for Foot Cramps or Toe Cramps. It usually resolves on its own within a few seconds to minutes, although some cramps may last for a few hours as well.
This can be done either through a heating pad or soaking the foot in warm water which relaxes the muscles and calms it down resulting in pain relief. Sudden muscle spasms or prolonged contractions of the muscles in the toes can occur due to an overambitious exercise program, dehydration, ill-fitted shoes, certain medications and a deficiency of important electrolytes like calcium, magnesium and potassium.
Even though, the pain lasts from only a few seconds to a few minutes, it can also leave an adult crying with pain.
Hence, keeping your body well hydrated by drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day can dramatically reduce your chances of experiencing toe cramps. Often, women wear high heels, which require them to elevate their ankles and change the position of their feet that in turn, can block blood flow to the toes.Shoes that are extremely tight in the toe area crams the toes and keeps them confined to the corners of the shoes, thus making toe cramps far more prevalent than finger cramps.
A sun exposure of 5-30 minutes, twice a week has been strongly recommended to obtain sufficient amounts of vitamin D, since it plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of bones and muscles in the body.A deficiency of vitamin D slows down the absorption of calcium in the body, leading to bone pains and muscle weakness, thus causing toe cramps. Dynamic stretches at the beginning of the exercise, involving slow and controlled movement helps to promote blood circulation to the feet, thus preventing muscle injury and stiffness of the toes that leads to toe cramps. In fact, toe exercises like hammer toe exercises, stretching exercises, big toe exercises can strengthen toe muscles and help in relieving pain and stiffness associated with toe cramps. It also strengthens and tones the muscles present in the toe, thereby allowing them to tolerate the stress that they undergo while performing a strenuous activity. It loosens up the muscles of the toes and promotes muscle relaxation, thus preventing them from tightening and causing toe cramps. However, before you adapt any of these measures, it is important to probe into the possible causes and identify the possible trigger that could have lead to a toe cramp. Sometimes they occur in my arch, sometimes in my toes, and sometimes both; everything balls up all at once and the worst stabbing and shooting pain immediately deadens me wherever I am. I get the curling over toes and extremely painful leg cramps, have found Magnesium supplement and staying really well hydrated helps. One of my trick is to stand on my walker and raise the leg and shakeout strongly to release the muscles then I step on to a golf ball with the affected foot and roll on the ball with it, like massages, Works for me. Dancers who flex their toes and dance en pointe are prone to cramps, as are people who wear shoes that don't allow much room at the tips. If the toe pain is sharp, standing up and placing all one's weight on the affected toes may work to lessen the severity of the cramps. Even the toes may develop cramps that can cause immense pain and discomfort, till they subside.
If you are in the habit of wearing high-heeled footwear or ill-fitted shoes for prolonged period, then avoid that. If you are a person who is prone to toe cramps, start some stretching exercises involving the toes. It is also said that use of calcium and magnesium supplements may prove useful for curing toe cramps.
Even though, toe cramps subside within a few minutes, you may resort to any of these remedies, for getting relief from the condition.
But you may not realize that drastically changing your footwear from boots, to sneakers, to sandals can potentially wreak havoc on your feet. In case if an individual has to sit for a prolonged period of time, then it is important to keep the foot moving so as to keep the circulation normal and thus preventing Foot Cramps or Toe Cramps.
Listed below are a few preventive measures that can be taken to avoid toe cramps while working out or during a good night’s sleep.

Over exertion during exercise can lead to an electrolyte imbalance and hence replacing the electrolyte levels through the consumption of water or sports drink during exercise is one of the most important steps for avoiding toe cramps.
If you are experiencing frequent nocturnal toe cramps, it is advisable to perform these exercises every day, before going to bed. Certain drugs prescribed for hypertension, high cholesterol levels and asthma can also cause toe cramps.
Unfortunately this makes walking around and up and down stairs at school a pain in the rear end. My problem was so bad and extremely painful I searched for a podiatrists, was surprised to find one in my local town!
This pressure method may work especially well if the cramping has spread upwards to the ankle and leg, as it may do in some toe cramp cases. I do my best to avoid these type of shoes, but they look very nice so I still wear them once in a while.The interesting part is that I don't experience toe cramping while I'm wearing them but when I get home and take them off. In some cases, toe cramps may develop all of a sudden, when you make some abnormal toe movement. So, use of comfortable footwear and regular toe exercises along with a balanced diet may help you get rid of toe cramps. These pains are usually self limiting and resolve in a matter of minutes but some pains may take a few hours to resolve. Hence, if you experience toe cramps frequently, it is important to consult a doctor, before adapting any of the aforementioned preventive measures. The weird thing, the spasms are so intense that my foot becomes entirely contorted, my toes splay out in all directions and hyperextend backward, and the pain and spasms can last around an hour, if not on and off all day. I always thought I had just pulled a ligament or tendon in my foot, but I could never figure out how since I am only ever walking when it happens. I went in for food poisoning and was given electrolite, came out 3 days later and all of my joints and pain - problems were not happening for that 1 day after. Shoes with toe boxes that are too pointed or rounded at the tips may be too constricting and cause wearers to be susceptible to cramps. Some people do toe exercises, such as trying to pick up small objects like pens off of the floor with their toes.
Wearing shoes with a wide toe box area is a good preventive measure in helping to avoid the cramping of toes in footwear. Whatever may be the cause, cramps in general are not found to be fatal and so do not require any treatment.
If I immediately wrap my foot in a heating pad and take a pain killer, it makes it easier to get through, but sometimes that doesn't even help. My wife has amazing hypermobility, along with back pain, foot pain, headache and all the gastric problems you can imagine.
Avoiding wearing high heels is also recommended, as the toes tend to get slanted downward as well as become confined in a pointed or narrow toe box area. I can't even flex my toes when it happens, it causes more pain.The only thing that seems to help is hot foot soaks with epsom salt and essential oils like lavender. Cramps may be caused by various factors like certain medical conditions, intake of some drugs, loss of electrolytes in the body, dehydration and vigorous physical activity.
Such cramps are characterized by sudden pain and the toes are sometimes found to bend or cross over. I just wanted to say thank you so much for being the first non-family member I've encountered who has the weird foot cramp hell too.

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