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Foot drop, also called drop foot, is a condition in which the muscles in the leg cannot raise the foot at the ankle effectively, causing difficulty when walking. The most obvious sign of foot drop are toes that point away from the body when the foot is relaxed. Foot drop can also be caused by disorders that affect the brain and spine, like multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or Lou Gehrig's disease. To diagnose foot drop, a health care professional will take a complete medical history, including information about parents or other family members who may have also experienced foot problems.
Special shoes and straps can be used to mimic the natural ankle motion for patients who have either temporary or permanent foot drop.
In cases where the foot drop is caused by a problem with the brain or spinal cord, electrical stimulation of the nerve may also help. It is also possible for a surgeon to fuse the bones in the ankle or foot together so that it is easier for the patient to walk. I had no idea of all the physiological (neural, muscular, etc.) causes of foot drop, but when I was working on my nutrition degree at the University of Idaho, what was discussed was lack of Vitamin B12. I had a hip resurfacing five years ago when I was 44.I woke to find I had severe foot drop, caused by the operation. When walking, I always wear out my shoes on the inside of the foot and can never find shoes to fit me properly.
I noticed my foot problem at the age of 15, along with an underdeveloped breast on the left hand side. My foot is now worse off than it was before, as my achilles tendon is over stretching because of the foot drop.
I have always suffered with lower back pain but put this down to sleeping awkwardly or over stretching myself. On examination of my foot, breast and left shoulder, talking about my medical history, he has come to the conclusion that all of this is connected and I might have some sort of neurological disorder.

I was diagnosed with lower back problems about four years ago, and since then pain has come and gone, never to severe, but then two days ago, i suddenly could hardly walk for pain in my right leg and into my right foot and toes. So I had a back operation back in 07 and they removed 60 percent of l4-l5 then, and at that time I was told about the foot drop being an emergency.
Now my foot doesn't feel as cold but I have very little ability to lift my foot, but I keep working with it. The person may have difficulty walking, scuffing his or her toes and tripping over the affected foot frequently.
This nerve provides sensation and movement to the front and side of the leg, as well as the top of the foot. He or she will evaluate the patient's symptoms, including any numbness and tingling in the leg or foot. If a person has a family member with foot drop that is caused by another disorder, he or she is more likely to develop it as well. An ankle-foot orthosis (AFO) is a brace that supports the ankle and holds it and the foot in the correct position. Special devices can be worn below the knee that sense when the person is taking a step and stimulates the muscle in the leg and foot to lift the toes appropriately. The flicking down of the front part of my foot transfers a hefty shockwave back up my achilles tendon.
He told me he could perform surgery to help with my problem of walking over and to help reduce the pain in my thighs and lower limbs when running and walking. I also suffer with terrible stomach pains I generally get bloated about three times a week. Numb big toe from the bottom of the left inside of the foot across the top towards my ankle and up my calf like a candy cane twist. I looked at the doctor and told him that back pain wasn't the reason for the trip, that the drop foot was.

Then when I went back to have the staples removed the PA said that everything I had just told him was classic foot drop. If it becomes compressed, a condition called peroneal nerve palsy, it may no longer be able to support the tibialis anterior, the muscle which lifts the foot. And if you want to be really frightened, foot drop used to be associated with neural damage from syphilis. Over time this has grown so painful that I can't walk except with a moonboot with a curved sole.
I have clawing of the toes, a bone looks like its sticking up through the top of my foot and I have really high arches.
I had been home from the hospital for about three weeks when I felt my left foot slapping on the floor when i walked.
The pain is a burning hot kind of pain, and every now and then feels like a bee sting in one spot. I developed extreme pain in my foot, so I was sent to a podiatrist and was told it was tendinitis and instructed to wear orthopedic boot. I lay on my shower floor for a good ten minutes in writhing pain while water splashed my face.
I waited for about three hours and noticed my foot was dropping and my toes were turning under on my left side enough that I couldn't walk.

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