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3-layered meninges and one of the symptoms of meningitis is a horrific headache (and nausea and sensitivity to light). Diabetic foot problem may arise, if you wear improper shoes, tight shoes and poorly fitting shoes. Redness, blister formation, persistent pain in the foot, increased pain while walking, swelling, hard dry skin, getting calluses and corns and drainage of pus are some of the symptoms. Commitment to Our CommunityFor over 10 years we've been serving communities of Kentwood, Wyoming, Caledonia, Byron Center, and Gaines Township right in our backyard. We’re lucky to have served so many great people, and I couldn’t be prouder to help any group of patients than ours!

Poor blood circulation is also another reason for getting foot problems due to hardening of arteries. People who are diabetic are prone to get blisters on the feet and corn (hard skin) because of the pressure of shoes on the toes.
In the diabetic neuropathy, prolonged diabetics can cause damage in the nerves of your feet and legs. For some the big toe may bend towards the second toe causing bunions with severe pain and inflammation. Foot ulcers are quite common in diabetic patients since any wound becomes difficult to heal causing infection.

Use proper cutters for removing toenails and don’t trim the nails in round fashion; instead cut it down straight across.

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