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Pain In The Ball Of Foot or Metatarsalgia is defined as a medical condition where there is pain and inflammation in ball of foot, i.e.
Pain In The Ball Of Foot or Metatarsalgia is not a serious condition, but it can hinder a person's daily activities and can be a nuisance. Metatarsal Stress Fractures: The second metatarsal is most commonly fractured causing pain in the ball of the foot.
Sesamoid injury: Injury to the sesamoid bones may occur due to a sudden trauma or inflammation developing over time causing pain at the ball of foot.

Individuals who are involved in high-impact sports such as jumping, soccer, tennis, baseball, football etc.
Other foot problems such as such as high arches, a long second toe, stress fractures or long metatarsals. Wearing appropriate shoe wear along with shock absorbing insoles or arch support also help in preventing or reducing Pain In The Ball Of Foot or Metatarsalgia symptoms. Other medical conditions such as Morton's neuroma and turf toe also cause Pain In The Ball Of Foot or Metatarsalgia.

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