In this post we will be discussing five common foot problems and solutions to help you manage your condition.
Corns and Calluses: thick layers of dead skin, if they appear on the tops of your toes they’re called corns and on the bottom of your toes they are referred to as calluses. If you are experiencing any foot aliments or any pain that is caused by misaligned feet, give us a call at the Utah Foot and Ankle Center (801) 409-2100. Caused by the shape of your feet and the way you walk, the lowest joint on your big toe becomes misaligned, causing the end of the bone to jut out. This Happens when A bunion, flat or high arches, or too-narrow shoes cause your big toe to butt up against the second toe, putting pressure on the digit and causing it to contract.
These are caused by too much friction or pressure places on your toes, this can happen if you are not walking properly or are wearing the wrong shoes.

This occurs when the plantar fascia, a band of tissue that runs from the heel to the ball of the foot, becomes inflamed.
At The Foot and Ankle Health Center we provide our patients with comprehensive foot and ankle treatment, from basic foot care to corrective and reconstructive surgery. For foot pain relief, buy shoes made of stretchy material, such as leather, that will conform to the curves of your foot. For relief you can try wearing a Budin splint (a flat, foamy pad with an elastic loop that goes under the ball of your foot and wraps around the hammertoe), which can reduce pressure and friction from shoes. This happens when the bones of two of your toes rub together and pinch the nerve that runs in between the two. Hold the sole of the shoe against the sole of your foot to make sure the toe box is at least as wide as your tootsies.

Usually wearing shoes that are too narrow for your foot causes this.  Most experts recommend cortisone injections, to reduce pain, or if the pain continues a surgeon will cut out the nerve that is causing you pain. A small piece of bone on one or both sides of the joint is removed so the toe can uncurl, and a pin is sometimes left in for a few weeks to keep it in place.

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