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Figure 2 – In a patient with recalcitrant complex regional pain syndrome type 1 (photograph taken while the patient was under general anesthesia), fixed dystonic posturing was established within 3 months even though sympathetic blocks, opioid analgesics, neuropathic medications, and aggressive therapy were used. Figure 3 – A patient with complex regional pain syndrome type 1 had fixed posturing associated with coldness and profound allodynia 1 year after injury (A). Figure 4 – A patient with complex regional pain syndrome type 2 has a lateral plantar nerve laceration (A).

The International Association for the Study of Pain established criteria that differentiated CRPS as type 1 (formerly called "reflex sympathetic dystrophy") or type 2, associated with nerve injury (formerly called "causalgia"); patients also had to have pain disproportionate to the inciting event.
Widespread severe allodynia has resulted in dry scaly skin because the patient has been unable to wash the foot for 1 year (B).

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