The various points for pain relief can be stimulated while the woman is labouring in the shower, or bath, and when she changes from one position to another during the labour. There are a few different points that some women will use for pain relief during their labour. Neck points (GB 21) - Some support people will use the neck points (known as 'GB 21') to help the woman with her labour pain, during the 1st and 2nd stages of the labour.

Reflexology points - Each time the contraction starts, the person administering the reflexology takes one foot (or both) and applies strong pressure with their finger or thumb at the beginning of the contraction, easing off the pressure as the contaction finishes.
Points include a point that lies between the fleshy pads under the big toe and next toe, a point that lies just below the centre of the ball of the foot and a set of half moon shaped points that lie from where the toes join the foot to the farthest end of the ball of the foot. The stimulation of this energy at specific points with pressure is thought to correspond to the different body organs, releasing trapped energy to relieve stress, pain or discomfort, and rebalance the body's life force.

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