If there is a high arch, the patient usually bears weight on the heel and the lateral ball of the foot, just behind the pinky toe.
If the arch is low, the patient usually bears weight on the medial ball of the foot, or the ball of the foot just behind the big toe. If the patient has a bunion or hammertoes, patients will bear moreweight on the center ball of the foot.
If the patient has a long 2nd toe, the patient will bear more weight to the ball of the foot just behind the 2nd toe. X-rays are always taken to rule out bone deformities, stress fracture and to make sure the bones in the ball of the foot are normal lengths.
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Most patients don’t know that there is wide array of potential elements that can be factored as the cause of the pain. I apply a load with my hand to the ball of the foot and examine whether the toes straighten out or they remained curved or deviated or contracted. If there is pain at the bases of the toe, just distal to the bones in the ball of the foot, the patient may have a inflammation of the joint capsule. I press from the top and botom in the spaces while at the same squeezing the sides of the foot together. Sometimes a nerve can be entrapped or squeezed abnormally between the bones and cause pain.
It encompasses all the problems that could potentially be cause the ball of your foot to hurt.

Sometimes there can be a fluid filled sac called a bursa in the spaces and cause pain as well. If this test causes pain, it only reinforces that a joint capsule problem may be occurring.

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