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A Morton’s Neuroma is a swelling or scarring of a nerve that runs between the 3rd and 4th toes. The diagnoses of a Morton’s neuroma can be made with a thorough history of the symptoms and focused physical exam.
Diagnostic tests can be performed to confirm the mass is present and to identify the etiology of the mass. An X-ray can show if the long bones in your foot are too close to one another which is causing the irritation and enlargement of the nerve. The constant rubbing of the band of tissue and irritation from the metatarsal heads begins to scar the nerve.
The symptoms include pain or numbness to the toes and can present depending on activity level and also shoe gear.

This nerve starts at about the midfoot and runs between the metatarsals or the long bones that are located behind your toes. This begins to send a signal back to the brain that there is something wrong and after continual irritation the signs and symptoms we discussed earlier will arise. A neuroma is sometimes described as a tumor, but it is not a cancer and will not affect any other part of your body.
As the nerve continues to the toes, it dives beneath a band of tissue that holds the head of the metatarsals together.
As it passes that band, the nerve splits into two nerves and provides sensation to the outside half of the 3rd and inside half of the 4th toe. Additional symptoms include burning and tingling in the toes and many of these symptoms are elicited when walking and wearing tight shoes.

Or to word it differently, the nerve provides sensory innervation to the space between the 3rd and 4th toes, including half of each of the toes. This with the use of custom orthotics (shoe inserts) and alteration in shoe gear will help maintain resolution of symptoms.
Often, as the process worsens, the patient will feel shooting electrical pain in the foot, even when you are nonactive.

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