If you suffer from excessive foot sweating you’ll probably have tried antiperspirants and other measures. Whether or not the popular food preservative actually helps reducing shoe odor remains to be seen. Porous surfaces and the inside of footwear should be applied with anti fungal shoe spray to help kill fungus that may cause athletes foot which can cause odor too.
There are numerous antifungal foot powders, and various foot sprays, that can assist in keeping odors at bay. Tea tree oil for instance has antibacterial odor reducing properties that are backed by studies.  Thyme is bactericidal too and is able to mask foul odors.
Once you managed to freshen up your footwear you may want to take some preventative action. Perhaps you have to throw in an occasional foot soak, but then your feet will probably be fresh n ‘dry.
Since we, in our pharmaceutical dominated culture, have a hankering for remedies from grandma’s era I did some research. The doctor also describes how the foul odor may linger long after the person with the stinky feet has left the room. The doctor expatiates a bit more about the social consequences of such a medical problem before he proceeds with his experimental, yet successful treatment of such extreme cases of foot odor with boracic acid. Profuse sweating of the palms and soles is not uncommon, but, in order to produce the specific odor to which I refer, something more than mere profuse sweating is required. It is popular as a remedy for yeast infections (ladies issues), Athlete’s foot, jock itch, yeast, in the laundry and more. I have compiled a list of products designed to reducing the amount of perspiration and controlling the unpleasant odor.
Some of the foot deodorants also double as an antiperspirant but you will want to make sure you read the label carefully to make sure.
If your foot sweating is serious you will want a product that has at least antiperspirant action. If you want to prevent your feet from sweating and causing offensive odors, then you will want to skip the deodorants and look at antiperspirants for your feet. In case of serious foot sweating (plantar hyperhidrosis) a strength of 30% aluminum chloride is recommended.
Aluminum chloride and aluminum chloride hexahydrate do offer relief to a certain extent to most sufferers from excessive foot sweating. Keep in mind that although the following products may have more user reviews and higher sales numbers, they are used for other purposes than combating foot sweating too.
Consult a dermatologist or a physician if your experience with the products does not produce a change in foot odor or sweating. Sweaty hands can be embarrassing, and sweaty feet can lead to foot odor and increase the risk of athlete’s foot. One dermatologist we consulted offered the following home remedy: Boil five tea bags in a quart of water for five minutes. Tea contains tannic acid, which is also found in commercial products such as Ivy Dry, Zilactol, and Zilactin.
Download 2 pages of soaks to reduce sweating, a military secret for smelly feet, and athletes' foot solutions.

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Prefer wearing sandals even at my work place because they are odor free but at times people don’t understand what am going through. Wish someone could come up with a permanent and cheaper remedy on how to solve this problem once and for all. Thank you all for sharing about your experiences and remedies…could not have thought that so many people are going through the same. My feet were my biggest issue but glyco tablets didn’t completely solve this and due to cost which is about $100 for 60 tablets if I remember correctly, plus delivery to uk, and occasional customs charges it was not the best option for me.
I am trying steeping my feet in the brewed tea which in essence is very cooling in this hot weather we’re currently experiencing in the uk. We invite you to share your thoughts with others, but remember that our comment section is a public forum. Black Tea Natural Self Tanner:  Steep 10 large tea bags into 2 cups of boiling water and let it sit for 30mins.
Black tea hair dye: Black tea is natural dyeing agent and women who have a brown or dark black hair and if they want to get rid of grey hair than wash your hair using black tea. Hair shine rinse: For luster, shine and to get natural shiny hair, daily rinse your hair with black tea. Black tea has tannic acid which is unfavorable for bacterial growth thereby reducing your foot odor. The problem is more common with men than women and in most cases, men tend to ignore it, leading to secondary symptoms like fungal toe nail infections, athlete’s foot and other bacterial infections caused due to sweat.
Although all of these remedies are rampant over the internet they are not all equally effective.
Vinegar may be able to remove odors but it it’s not your best option when it comes to fighting bacteria. While they are generally recommended for athlete’s foot, which can contribute to foot odor, these are formulated to cut into the stink. Some people swear by mixing baking soda and zinc for an odor and fungal fighting powder that you can simply sprinkle into your shoes and leave overnight.
Bacteria are one of the primary causes of foot odor, along with wearing shoes made from unbreathable material synthetic or plastic materials. Having a refreshing ice tea or a hot cup of tea in the evening is something you don’t want to miss. Black tea is made from leaves of Camellia Sinesis shrub and this shrub is more oxidized than green and white teas. If your legs are itchy and red after shaving, try pressing a cool black tea bag onto your skin. Tannins present in black tea help to protect your skin from pollution, fight from bacteria present in your body and improve blood circulation. Pour tea into spray bottle and spray desired areas, rubbing in where needed to avoid streaks and drips. It is also known to have anti-bacterial properties which will help reduce the odor causing bacteria in your feet. When you wear the sweaty socks and shoes for a long time, bacteria that live on your skin start multiplying rapidly, which causes bad odor.

Especially the elevated mid part prevents you from submerging the middle of your feet and thus treating the whole surface of your foot soles and sides of your feet at once.
Its high temperaturs are likely to kill odor-causing bacteria and fungi.  There are even special anti-bacterial steam cleaners on the market. Will definitely give this tea method a trial and see whether it will also give me some sweat free period as indicated by some people going through the same here. Possibly I need to get my meds changed but in-between times, I’ll try the tea method and see if it helps any.
The tannins in the tea will help control the smell of your feet and also make them feel cooler and relaxed. Brew a cup of black tea and use it to wash your face or as a toner, the tea will continue to fight off the impurities that are causing that blemish for you throughout the day. Foot odor is caused by the retention of the sweat in your feet causing odor creating bacteria to thrive. Fill a cloth bag or old socks with charcoal, insert these in the footwear and keep it there during the night.
Apply a wet tea bag on the affected area and let it sit for a few minutes until you experience relief. Below Is The List Of The Top 15 Remedies You Can Follow Using Tea Bags: Soothes Your Tired Eyes You can rejuvenate the tired, achy, and puffy eyes using a wet tea bag. The strong antioxidants along with vitamins E and C fight the free radicals to beautify and rejuvenate the skin and can be used for many other beauty remedies.
Follow these steps to get odor free foot and the confidence to remove your shoes whenever and wherever you feel like. Adding tea or apple cider vinegar to the footbath helps in controlling excessive sweating and suppresses bacterial growth.
Then poured into one quart of cool water, squeezed tea bags before mixing with cool water, then removed. So here are some fascinating ways to use black tea can help you to look and feel beautiful naturally. So it can help remove foul odor but you will have to use something in addition to kill bacteria. The tannins present in the tea help provide relief to your tired eyes and also helps in reducing eye puffiness. Prepare a cup of ginger tea and consume it regularly to treat heartburn, gas, and bloating problems. Follow this remedy several times a day and this treatment shows effective results within a week. Quickly wipe a wet tea bag on the affected regions and you can see great results within a week or two.

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