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Patients are usually asked about their symptoms and medical history when initially meeting with a foot doctor. A foot doctor, also called a podiatrist, treats patients with different types of illnesses and injuries that affect the ankles and feet. When patients meet with a foot doctor, they are usually asked about their symptoms and medical histories. If a foot doctor finds a torn ligament, bone fracture, or other internal injury, he or she might recommend surgery. An individual who wants to become a foot doctor must be willing do dedicate several years to education and professional training. The patches of tough skin usually form on the ball or heel of the foot, where the most weight is placed.

After learning about a patient's problems, the podiatrist conducts a thorough examination of the foot.
Depending on the cause of problems, foot doctors may prescribe anti-inflammatory or pain medication, surgically remove skin maladies, or fit patients with special shoe inserts to relieve discomfort. If a patient has a skin condition such as a wart or corn, the doctor may remove it by freezing, burning, or cutting it off. After a surgical procedure, the foot doctor generally schedules checkup appointments to make sure that the foot or ankle heals properly. All doctors are not created equally and I think it is always worth it to find one with the most training and the best performance record. I can't tell you how many foot doctors and even specialized foot doctors I have been to trying to find a cure for the various things that ail me.

Some podiatrists specialize with a certain type of foot care or condition, though many operate general practices.
Calluses may not be as painful or unsightly as their good friends, corns, but they are just as rough and tough. If you take your shoe off and give a close hard look to your foot you will see what a complicated and almost beautiful thing it is.

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