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An important part of treatment is wearing shoes that conform to the shape of the foot and do not cause pressure areas. Inflammation of the connective tissue on the sole of the foot (plantar fascia) where it attaches to the heel bone is the most common cause of pain. This brochure has been prepared by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and is intended to contain current information on the subject from recognized authorities. Doctor Montoya is a foot & Ankle surgeon specializing in treating the most common foot problems.
From foot surgery to the most innovative non-invasive surgical procedures, Doctor Montoya uses the most efficient, modern techniques. Popularized by Hollywood stars, cosmetic foot surgery is one of the hottest trends in the country.

Heel and stretching, medication to reduce swelling of the soft tissues in your foot and shoe inserts are quite helpful.
They may occur when bones of the foot press against the shoe or when two foot bones press together. On occasion, surgery is necessary to remove a bony prominence that causes the corn or callus. When he uses modern cosmetic foot surgery techniques to turn ugly, painful feet into sleek, irresistible assets, his patients are thrilled. He compares this type of surgery to facial cosmetic surgery done strictly for appearance’s sake. Montoya with big ugly corns, toenails thickened and yellowed with fungus, painful bunions, hammertoes, crooked toes, long toes, lumps and bumps, and other conditions that make walking painful and finding shoes nearly impossible.

Several types of surgery are available that may relieve pain and improve the appearance of the foot. Other treatments include injection of the warts with medication, freezing the warts with liquid nitrogen and, very rarely, surgery.

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