We provide a range of affordable health products that can aid your recovery, or help promote your general well-being. If you have an existing joint injury, using a joint support becomes an important aid at work, or during exercise. Our joint supports provides support for a range of joints, such as neck, shoulder, posture, elbow, wrist, waist, knee and ankle.
These insoles are designed to fit most shoes, and provide a comfortable way to support the arch of the foot, making the insole very suitable for prolonged walking or standing.

STEPCARE shoes, is a range of comfortable, great fitting health shoes designed to support the arch of the foot, making them very suitable for prolonged walking or standing. Optimum Chiropractic & Physiotherapy was founded in 2008 by Dr Michael Lee, a certified chiropractor in Canada, USA and Malaysia. Strutz cushioned arch supports, as seen on tv, absorb shock with every step, while the comfortable compression band hugs your foot for maximum support and a perfect fit. Contoured memory foam pillows support the natural curve of the neck and spine to alleviate neck pain, head aches, and stiff neck due to poor support on a regular pillow.

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