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The plantar fascia is a broad band of fibrous tissue located along the bottom surface of the foot that runs from the heel to the forefoot.
The inflammation caused by the plantar fascia being stretched away from the heel often leads to pain in the heel and arch areas.
If this condition is left untreated and strain on the longitudinal arch continues, a bony protrusion may develop, known as a heel spur. Although Foot Focus specialises in lower limb biomechanics and the sporting enthusiast, we also provide the most advanced services to the general community. Foot Focus provides specific occupational podiatry services to organisations and industrial manufacturing companies.
The arch of the foot is formed by the tarsal and metatarsal foot bones and is strengthened by ligaments and tendons, The arch allows the foot to support the weight of the erect body in the most efficient way. Arch Pain generally feels like a burning or stabbing sensation in the arch region of the foot.
Arch Pain, also referred to as arch strain is generally caused by an inflammation of the plantar fascia, a broad band of fibrous (ligament-like) tissue located along the sole of the foot.
The most common cause for Arch Pain is over-pronation (Flat Feet, fallen arches and ankles rolling in).

Once again, if over-pronation is the cause, the obvious treatment for Arch Pain is reducing it and therefore strain in the Plantar Fascia and the arch overall. Do the test on the Morton’s foot website to make sure the posture control insoles are right for you, perhaps contact them and explain about your ankle sprain problem and see what the say.
The pain is often extreme in the morning when an individual first gets out of bed or after a prolonged period of rest. It encompasses thorough lower limb hazard identification, footwear advice, technical footwear design and in-house employee podiatry assessments.
Arch Pain is usually present either close to the peak of the arch or closer to the big toe.
The plantar fascia has a big role in supporting the foot and creating and stabilizing the arch. That is why some people that are used to wear arch supports may feel arch pain when walking barefoot. Posture Control Insoles without arch supports may be considered by those who feel that the arch supports weaken their foot muscles. Try to choose footwear with a reasonable heel, soft leather uppers, shock absorbing soles and removable foot insoles.

I'll try to post as much information on Flat Feet as possible: Shoes for Flat Feet, Exercises for Flat Feet, Flat Feet and Running, Flat Feet Pain and much much more.
When the arch pain is pronation related (flat feet), an orthotic designed with a medial heel post and proper arch support is recommended for treating the pain. Diabetic patients undergo an initial screening including doppler (blood flow) study and receive a foot self care program.
The clinics also have 3D optical foot scanning, virtual foot profiling and platform based pressure technology. This type of orthotic will control over-pronation, support the arch and provide the necessary relief.

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