The way the foot hits the ground, how you follow through on a step, and the shoes you wear can cause a back problem or make an existing back problem worse.
We are well aware of the power of shoe inserts and the huge positive impact it can make on your spine and vertebrae. With patience and attention to your particular foot problem, orthotics can be an inexpensive and easy way to correct an aching back. For instance, Morton’s neuroma, or a type of nerve problem in the foot, is treated through the use of an orthotic that spreads the bones of the foot. The solution for most of these problems is an orthotic insert to correct the foot issue that affects gait. Orthotics for flat feet and overpronation do not have to be nearly as precise as leg length orthotics. Custom orthotics may be necessary in cases of severe flat feet, overpronation that does not respond to over the counter treatments, and leg length differences. From these measurements, they create a plastic insert that is molded to your specific requirements.

They can correct a number of back, foot, and gait problems, and help you to relieve your back pain non-surgically.
Since our philosophy is to use the least invasive methods first, we can refer you to orthotics specialists that can help you analyze your specific walking gait and create a custom orthotic for your foot. Orthotics is a booming industry, and it comprises the inserts you see at the grocery store, custom fitted inserts, and custom made shoes. If you have a simple problem, such as flat feet, you may be able to get by with an orthotic over the counter. Flat feet do not properly support the weight of the body, and this can lead to abnormal walking patterns.
Usually, over the counter inserts that have a strong arch support can help to overcome both of these conditions. For instance, the molded plastic orthotic will increase the arch in your foot to a precise height. Some people need orthotics to simply cushion their feet from strenuous activity or protect against athlete’s foot.

For more persistent or serious foot and back problems, it may be medically necessary for an orthotic that is custom made for your foot and your condition. When you walk to compensate for flat feet, it can cause problems with your hips and lower back.
These inserts usually have to be custom made because they are based on the precise length of your legs and help you to reach the optimal length.
They will take precise measurements of your foot and leg, and occasionally, they will take a plaster cast of your foot. Exercises to loosen the muscles of the hips and lower back are essential in treating back pain related to gait and foot problems.

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