Professional quality, orthopedic foot care products and sports replacement insoles for relief of heel pain, Morton’s neuroma, metatarsalgia, flat feet and high arches. Orthotic insoles correct over-pronation and realign the foot and ankle bones to their neutral position. FLAT FEET Fallen arches and flat feet - arch supports, foot supports, orthotics and supportive insoles. Orthotics are products which are placed inside the shoes with the purpose of restoring our normal foot function.

When it comes to keeping foot pain under control with your flat feet make sure you get some orthotics for flat feet and wear them daily.
Footminders orthotic insoles greatly reduce over-pronation often caused by flat feet, thus preventing foot strain and injury while providing unmatched walking comfort. Ironically over the last 30 years some medical specialists have been informing patients that you can not treat flat feet with prescription orthotics. Imbalances such as flat feet, heel pain, knee pain and shin pain are known to cause pain and discomfort.

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