Flat feet, also known as “fallen arches,” is a medical condition in which the sole of the foot comes into very close or complete contact with the ground. There is actually a simple test that can be done at home to determine if you have flat feet. Usually no treatment is necessary for individuals with flat feet, since it often causes little to no pain. If your condition is so severe that your flat feet are completely archless and rigid, then you may benefit from surgery that will help your tendons form an arch. However, continually walking around on flat feet could alter the alignment of the legs, which could cause problems in the ankles and knees.

Next, stand on a smooth, flat surface which will definitively show a footprint – a concrete walkway or sidewalk would be perfect, or even just your bathroom tile. Many children have flat feet in their early years, but will develop proper arches as they grow older. This will help properly align the legs as you walk and stand, giving you the needed support the tendons in your feet aren’t providing. Some individuals may develop flat feet after sustaining an injury or through simple wear and tear as the body ages.
Exercising through walking can help work your feet out and reduce side effects and symptoms over time.

People who are at a greater risk of developing flat feet over time include the obese, the elderly, diabetics, and pregnant women.

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