Certainly, both conditions are associated with flat feet, and are more painful after lying down, i.e. Meet Julie — a 35-year old runner with flat feet and valgus knees that was being treated with custom orthotics and ASICS motion-control shoes. Six months ago, Julie ditched the orthotics and gradually transitioned out of her motion-control shoes into a minimalist shoe. Initially, there was the typical transitioning soreness to her calf muscles and feet which eventually went away, She began running in the New Balance Minimus trail shoe with a 4mm drop and eventually switched to the new Minimus Zero, and then select runs in Vibram FiveFingers, the Bikila model.
I also transitioned from orthotics and cushioned running shoes to NB road minimus over a 3 month period starting in December. We recently spoke to a very medically informed running coach about this, re whether she should look to be coached to maintain perfect form.
I suffer with planter fascia for over two years now, went thru it all physical therapy, shots, orthodics, surgery on both feet. I too suffer from planter fascia and rather than going down the normal route of Ibuprofen, cortisone orthotics etc I am embarking on the barefoot principles and working on strengthening my feet and legs. However I gave running a shot with the orthotics and it was almost the opposite, knees ankles shins u name it were sore after running.
I have spent close to $1,000 in orthotics and shoes over those 5 years and I have always had back and foot pain at about the 2-3hr mark and I always pressed through it.
I have a 14-year-old son who is flat-footed (like Julie’s) and have problems finding appropriate shoes even for walking in. Interesting read ive been suffering from Shinsplits for on and off 2 years now I have very flat feet, its refreshing that you don’t recommend orthotics im sure its just a cash earner for some.
I have a similar story and am a huge advocate of minimals shoes and training barefoot (no shoes) with calisthenic and body weight exercises to correct problems that are related to flat feet. My new doctor dismisses this completely and keeps trying to shove orthotics into my shoes (i’ve tried them for years with no positive results). I also have flat feet and valgus knees that knock and rub against each other when I walk and run.
Orthotics for Flat Feet by Samurai Insoles®- Fight back against Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain, and Pronation.
Samurai Orthotic Insoles for flat feet are biomechanically designed to optimize the function of your feet and legs.
By incorporating a springy polypropylene orthotic shell within a high-density padded case, the Samurai orthotic insole is able to absorb shock during impact activity, as well as realign the foot joints when necessary.

Having flat feet can cause many health issues such as bad backs, poor posture, hip troubles, knee pain, and lower leg muscle troubles.
Naot shoes come in a variety of styles from sandals to work shoes to casual living shoes, making it one of the best shoe companies for flat feet. Vionic Shoes used to be Orthaheel, and while they still offer some of the best shoes for flat feet, they also have made huge upgrades in their style and offerings. While not built with technology like other brands, Sam Edelman produces some of the best high end designer shoes for flat feet.
Softspots comes in many styles for flat feet, including sandals, oxfords, heels, wedges, flats, and sneakers.
You have flatfeet when the arch on the inside of your feet is flattened, allowing the entire sole of your foot to touch the floor when you stand up. Flatfeet can contribute to problems in your ankles and knees because the condition can alter optimal alignment of your legs. Custom designed orthotics which are molded to the contours of your feet, act by supporting and optimizing the alignment of your feet thereby reducing strain, pressure and impact shock from the feet upwards throughout the body which can alleviate pain and prevent and minimize further damage. This device was added to a cushioned running shoe that was designed to control or stop motion to joints of the foot. She has been running this way for over 10 years and had chronic low back pain and occasionally knee pain. Our game plan was to gradually reduce the time in her orthotics with each run until she was running all her runs without them. That picture of Julie’s feet may as well be mine, and similarly, minimalist running has been nearly miraculous. He even resorts to running bare-footed around our vicinity or in his crocs which he says feels more comfortable than shoes. They provide a natural form-fitting feel, while controlling the flattening of the foot within the shoe. Some of our competitors call themselves "orthotics", without actually containing any orthotic shell. As such, it is better to purchase better shoe brands for your flat feet that will help take away the pain. In fact, this brand has been making the best shoes for people with flat feet for over thirty years! Specifically, his flats all have a built in ridge that takes some pressure off of the mid-foot and creates a lovely line.

In other cases, flatfeet may develop after an injury or from the simple wear-and-tear stresses of age. Flat feet also cause over pronation, a term used to describe an excessive roll inward of the foot whilst walking or running.
The symptoms were attributed to running with her biomechanical deformity which she was told she will eventually lead to more severe problems to her knees.
She began following my protocol of starting her runs in  minimalist shoes and then switching back to her traditional running shoes for the remaining run.
This type of job requires you to stand for 8hrs a day on your feet with a 1hr lunch to rest.
I can now work an 8hr day and at the end of it just have mildly sore feet, about what any can expect from lifting 30-70lb boxes for 8hrs. The best shoe brand for flat feet provide superior comfort and support in various types of shoes that have the same styles and appeal as other shoe companies. I have probably used 2 years slowly running more in Vibrams, Merrell Trail Gloves and eventually my favorite shoe the Lemings because of the wide toe box. He loves running and we are trying out 5km and 10km runs taking place in August and December respectively. Instead, these shoe brands are making huge strides in the lives of people who have flat feet.
Samurai Insoles were designed to maximize the benefits of an orthotic insole, while adding comfort and versatility, at a fraction of the price.THEY JUST WORK.
A year and a half ago I could show you a really flat foot but now it looks great and I have no problems running 15km in my Leming shoes.
But I also have flat forefeet and can not run far barefoot or without metatarsal pads in my shoes. When flat feet overpronate, or shoes don't offer adequate support, the tendons and ligaments of the foot can become strained and fatigued.
Your body immediately springs into action, trying to compensate for your feet not operating at peak efficiency. This can create a "domino-effect" of pain, radiating from your feet to your knees, hips, or even the low back.

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