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Designed to support and re-align an over pronating foot, the main cause of many foot conditions such as heel pain. Insoles can be trimmed for precision fit.ALL DAY FOOT COMFORT - Self Adhesive Gel Arch Support Inserts provide all day support that help prevent arch aches and foot pain. Arch Bandage supports fallen arches and flat feet and eases related toe, ball-of-foot and heel pain.

This soft, elastic bandage gently squeezes the arch to provide support and extra stability to sore and tired feet.
Gel Arch Support Sleeves provide support for sore feet, callus, arthritis, Plantar Fasciitis. Works in shoes, sandals, barefoot and socks.LifeLux Hidden Gel Arch Support Inserts, Gel Arch Cushion Sleeves, Arch Support Bandage are designed to help soothe tired, sore feet.

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