Knee PainThere are a variety of different types and causes of knee pain, and your treatment will vary depending on the cause. Treating knee painIf you are suffering from knee pain and you also have flat feet (over pronate), it may be worth seeing a podiatrist to assess whether you may benefit from orthotic therapy to control your pronation. Consultation with other healthcare professionals is recommended to make a thorough assessment of your condition and it’s causes. Hip and lower back painThere are many and varied causes for hip and lower back pain and as with knee pain, the hip and lower back can also be affected by poor foot biomechanics, and over pronation in particular. When the positioning of any joint or structure in the body is put out of it’s normal alignment it can result in pain, discomfort or injury. December 5, 2013 by Ryan Starnes A flat foot, aka a pronated foot, refers to a foot that has a reduced arch or no arch at all.
Orthotics may be indicated in addition to tibialis posterior exercises in cases where the foot is very flat.
Improper foot mechanics can cause unnecessary stresses further up the body, resulting in knee pain, back pain, and even neck pain.

Custom made orthotics address the imbalances caused by improper foot function, they are engineered to your specific needs, and will help to stabilise your chiropractic adjustments. Our gaitscan system offer the most advanced method of analysing the distribution of force through the feet, whilst standing and walking. The data from the scan is sent off to a lab in Canada, where it is analysed and used to make your very own prescription orthotics. Unlike most foot insoles made from polypropylene, which has a short life span and flattens under constant stress, our custom orthotic foot insoles are made from a unique memory plastic, which comes with a lifetime guarantee. In some cases, knee pain can be exacerbated by poor foot biomechanics, most commonly over pronation (flat feet).
Whilst you will likely need to seek trained advice from a therapist to assess and treat your hip or lower back pain, it is worth being aware that your foot biomechanics may be playing a part in your condition, and treating any abnormal biomechanics may assist in your recovery. This can occur when the ligaments that naturally keep the arch up become too stretched and allow the arch to sag. In runners and in other active individuals this can cause issues at the knee by increasing the amount of force that must be stabilized against.

Check out Runner’s Lab for exercise and stretching programs for some of the most common running issues.
Stretching and strengthening exercises may be prescribed along with other therapeutic treatments.
The way the lower back is positioned and moves can be connected to the positioning of the pelvis. The added stress can precipitate injury including, in extreme cases, non-contact ACL tears as well as other forms of knee pain. Some running stores have feet specialists that can create custom orthodics or recommend a good pair for you.

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