Caffiene headaches can be managed with a small cup of coffee or tea each morning, and no other caffiene for the rest of the day. I quit drinking coffee last winter since I was getting headaches if I was a bit late with the next day's cup. It'll help to find a way to get enthusiastic about the substitutes, too, so you're really looking forward to your next x break, not bemoaning it with dread it because it won't be your beloved Coke. I am this way with Dr Pepper, right down to being sad when there's none in the fridge and going pretty crazy out of my way to get it. I've worked at more than one office with 'coke drinkers' -- the people who come in every day with a full liter or six pack or what have you and crack it open first thing in the morning. I had some glass containers that were painted with flower patterns in some sort of enamel paint.

Sorry, to expand on that, I've had a similar problem, and I find that it's mostly the texture I crave.
I switched to diet coke a decade ago because of the calories (and lost a ton of weight with that one change alone), but I has to say, the Zero is much, much better that the Diet stuff.
Find them, and bet $500 (or some amount big enough to be punitive and painful) that you'll go longest without having a coke. I'd also at least give yourself some planned rewards if you can stay cold turkey for one week, one month, etc., ideally paired with something visual (like big red Xs on your calendar) or tangible (akin to AA chips) you carry with you.
Not as tasty as the kind with lime, but not the unbearable yuck that is switching directly from regular to diet. I had a gods-awful sinus infection-flu-plague-thing, and switched to Sprite (couldn't keep water down, needed something with a bit of carbonation).

I'd suggest looking at the times and places you're most likely to reach for a Coke and figure out what's going on there, in case it's a similar thing with you. And so I was able to ease the caffeine withdrawal headaches with caffeine-containing Excedrin, and find substitute drinks that still tasted good to me but weren't Dr Pepper (or Diet Dr Pepper or other cola, which tastes just close enough to make me crave Dr Pepper but not close enough that I'm satisfied with it). All you're swapping is one type of chemicals for another, but at least the calories will be cut down, and you're only going to go through a sugar withdrawal, instead of both sugar and caffeine. Think of all of the other temptations (the deepest cravings of SOMEONE out there) that you, personally, subconsciously dismiss with that phrase without a thought (could be Olive Garden, could be People magazine, could be the gym, could be pork rinds, could be the Tiffany store, could be Cinnabon) and put Coke in that category.

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