Warts typically disappear after a period of time but applying a home remedy speeds up their demise.
Cover the wart with a bandage and allow it to sit over night or for the recommended length of time.
There are more powerful home treatments that exist that can clear your warts within 30 days.
WartFreeze is an innovative new wart remover product that makes common and plantar wart removal fast and easy. Thanks to WartFreeze wart remover, wart treatment is now simple and stress-free for yourself and your children.

It provides the most comprehensive method of wart treatment, immediately freezing the wart, which will then fall off in approximately 10 to 14 days. Experience the difference our fast and effective common wart and plantar wart treatment can make in your life.
WartFreeze wart remover effectively treats plantar warts on feet and common warts that usually appear on the hands. Simply place the easy-to-use applicator over the wart, and dispense the metered dosage according to package directions.
Your common wart and plantar wart removal will be fast and painless with WartFreeze's direct and exact dosage.

A wart typically looks like a small cauliflower on the skin and has a rough or thick texture.
After about 14 days, your wart will simply drop off, much like a scab, leaving a healthy layer of skin in its place.
The most common location of warts is on fingers, knees, elbows and knuckles but warts can appear on other parts of the body.

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