Fasciitis: Inflammation of the fascia (a lining tissue under the skin that covers a surface of underlying tissues). Necrotizing fasciitis can be visible on the surface around any cut or bruise or when the bacteria star destroying the fascia that is near the skin surface. You can also get necrotizing fasciitis when you have gunshot injuries in your intestines, having tumors in your intestines, or having intestinal surgery.
Necrotizing fasciitis is diagnosed based on the symptoms that you are experienced and doing a blood sample test.

It is very critical that if you have necrotizing fasciitis that you get early treatment because the sooner you get treatment the more likely you will recover and be able to avoid any serious complications such as having to have a limb amputated or even death. If you are in close contact with a person who has necrotizing fasciitis, you have an immune system that is weakened, or suffering from a chronic disease seek immediate medical attention if you notice any symptoms of necrotizing fasciitis. Many times necrotizing fasciitis is caused by the same bacteria that cause infections like impetigo and strep throat. Contacting necrotizing fasciitis from another person is rare and will usually only happen when the person who has been exposed to the bacteria has chickenpox, an impaired immune system, or an open wound somewhere on their body.

If your physician is aware that you have been around someone who has necrotizing fasciitis they may give you a prescription for antibiotics to help decrease your chances of getting the infection.
Because there is no vaccine available that can be used against necrotizing fasciitis, surgery is usually the option that is taken to remove the diseased tissue.

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